The Battle of Talking Pig Gulch: a short silent film

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They are so much fun.

The Missus and I had a great time raising our boys. One thing we did, was try to take a road trip with them every summer. By the time our oldest was age ten, they had visited almost every state in the lower 48.

We took pictures. Lots of pictures, and home movies too. Mom was the camerawoman and the kids and I were the actors! We documented everything so we could drag them out to run the visitors off entertain company.

Back home, the boys and I would review clips and with the trusty confuser we'd splice together an entertaining story of our summer events.

I would tell them about the time I was a kid, walking to town and going to the double feature on Saturday afternoon. They like to hear about how it cost only 25¢ for the whole show and a dime to spend at the concession stand!

I told them about the news reels and the cartoons that were shown before every feature.

"Hey, Papa, why can't we have a news reel on our movie, or a cartoon?" asked my youngest.

That got me thinking, so I approached the wife with the idea. So, with her help, we started making short clips to splice into our videos.

She put together some easy costumes and we came up with a script for our reels. The kids loved it. We had to convert our previews to silent films on account of all the giggling!

Every September, when they went back to school, they took a VCR tape in their backpacks. When the teacher asked everyone what they did over the summer, they were prepared!

They were movie stars! All the school kids loved their home movies. But the best part was always the short clip at the beginning.

I dragged one of these out the other day and uploaded it to the confuser and cut out one of those clips.

This particular clip was made after a trip to the northeast. We visited Niagara Falls and numerous Revolutionary War sites. The boys got tricorn hats and mock muzzle loader rifles like the Continental Army used. We incorporated these into our little silent film.

You can watch it below.


I hope you liked this little presentation!
Thanks for watching.

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Too cute! I can see why they had the best stories to tell when they returned to school!

Yes they did! We had a great time with those kids! Still do! But, they are grown now....the youngest is still in college....he told me he's now on the "five year plan" in mechanical engineering! The first four were on scholarships...the fifth is on me I suppose! Thanks for watching @cecicastor! When are you going to publish another Redheaded Fairy Tale? I've been watching for one!

Coming soon. As my grandma used to say, "Hold on to your britches"! Life does get in the way sometimes...

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Really great idea for preserving memories! Kids grow up way too fast, it's an awesome thing to be able to look back and see them as small children. Kinda like a time machine!

Yeah......I started looking through this stuff on account of I'm running out of ideas to entertain ya'll with! HA!

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