Happy Father’s day : Beers, Kids and Crypto´s

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Today is Fathers day in Germany and on behalf of all the great fathers and father to be , I wish you all a blessed fathers day.
Below Pic is how I do chill on the day however things have changes (Kids and Crypto´s hahaha)

Pic Source

Hence, time to dedicate some quality time with our little angles

Pic Source

After which we continue our fight / peaceful revolution against Crypto haters and fuders in the crypto space. Keep steeming to more success.

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Happy fathers day to you @charles1 and to all the real / great fathers out there who even in times of difficulties still stayed strong for their children and gave them the best : Love, kindness, protection and good training. I love you daddy.

A very good fathers day comment, thanks Ronja and bless you.

Happy father's day to all fathers in the world

Great, happy fathers day

Happy Father’s Day! Funny that it overlaps with Mother’s Day in the USA

Awwww Mothers day is on Sunday here in Germany

Same! Mothers Day is Sunday and Fathers Day is early June for us. Excuse to treat yourself to a little, well deserved.

Good one indeed then I will join you guys on Fathers day ...hahaha

I’m a mom so I’m celebrating this weekend! 💃🏻🥂

Happy father's day. Father loves every one of his children.After all,he is their father.Father is truly a great man. One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. I miss my father. He is no more.

Same here...I understand the way you feel...bless you and all great fathers that are gone

Dir auch frohen Vatertag. @charles1 - upvote

Grüße aus Berlin

Dir auch...frohen Vetertag ..Grüße aus Nürnberg

Happy Father's Day Charles. No better way to spend the day than with your wonderful family. Am sure when she's all older she'll appreciate you more

Amen to that and enjoy the day too...thanks for your comment

Great bit the 1st pic shows an incompetent father , But the 2nd shows great dad , happy Father's [email protected]

Point, both shows diffrent attitudes...I prefer the 2nd one too

Exactly you are right

Hahaha good, happy father's day everyone.
What a great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father! Doing the father for his son is done by himself. A good father is worth a hundred teachers.

Good point, I agree with you. Thanks for your comment

I join your affectionate greeting dear friend @ charles1
happy Father's Day

Same here my friend, more success to you

Happy father day. I love my father because he is my hero not just hero but super hero I really love my father he is inly one who cant see his own problum but he only can see his child problums .

Lovely father indeed..bless all great fathers

Gif photography was excellent. Actually it is the real form of every father for his son/daughter. Happy fathers day to all fathers from his son.

Point, I agree..happy day to you tooo

Congrats to you @charles for being a father. Not all man is given the opportunity or shall we say is blessed to have kids of their own. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU and enjoy celebrating this day.

Thanks and I wish you more success

Wow so cute little angel! Really dad is the great for all child , best wishes for you and your child.

Happy day to you too...bless you

Frohen Vatertag ja trage diese Tradition in die Welt

Ja...Frohen Vatertag ....

Happy Father's day to you (and all the amazing Fathers around the world). Sadly, I lost mine few years ago. You seem to be a great Dad!

Same here...however we have to celebrate great fathers that are still around.

Happy father day. I love my father because he is my hero not just hero but super hero I really love my father he is inly one who can't see his own problem but he only can see his child problems .Praying for all over the world farther.God bless them.

Amen to that

Unique moments for all parents who, in adverse circumstances, still preserve the quality of love, understanding and, above all, protection for their child, the rhymes that I can no longer share with my father, but I will share with my son. Great article thank you for sharing it

Great, happy fathers day, bless you

Happy father's day to all the great Dads!

Great, bless all good dad´s

Happy fathers day in the whole world father . Father is the main issue in family , a whole family dipendent father .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @charles1

Happy fathers day to all the great fathers and thanks for your comment

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers. Dad is always the hero in everyone's life and specially for their children.

Point, I agree

Two photograph says deffrent stories in our society and happy father's day.

Point, you are right

Happy fathers day! Your are enjoying the day with a nice BBQ and a nice beer. But I must tell you that smoking is unhealthy :P

Lol, that is a sourced pic...I dont smoke

The gif is the perfect reflection of love between father and his daughter. Happy father's day.

I agree...great dad indeed

Happy Father's day to all the fathers in the world. My father is up there somewhere. I can't tell him personally anymore. My best wishes for every father. Have a good day.

Same here...thanks for your comment

Happy fathers day!! best of luck....

Same to you

Jajtotal relax, congrats and happy fathers day
Regards from Venezuela

Welcome and thanks for your comment

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome Fathers around the World.. We love You!!

Respect to all the fathers around the world.

Amen to that

Thanks to all of our fathers for making our childhood so much enjoyable. father 1.gif

Happy fathers day @charles1
I didn't like the first picture, specially cigarette smoking on the bed/sofa. It is an hazard.....
Be careful and don't smoke on bed/ sofa with blanket... Fire Hazard.....

Hahahah the pic is just for fun...not me.

Yep, I saw the image source... :)

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hi i hope you had a nice day, thank you for this post an the lovely photos. i need such an barbecue

Great post!!

Was nice to visit Germany earlier this year :)

Picture of a man in bed with grill is amazing :) what else does a man need? Maybe to be served by woman in bikini ;)

undoubtedly the second shows a real father celebrating how he really should do it. congratulations to all the parents in Germany for their day even if it has already happened. Friend, I'd like you to take a look at my last post