Bro your youngest son has no fear, you have to get him a surfboard 🏄....💯💯💯

He's going to whoop you one day :)

I been trying to get my oldest son to play basketball for a while and its like pulling teeth!!!

I' m rooting for you @craig-grant

Great Basketball skills! Another nice vlog, keep up this good work!


Those fold outs under the umbrellas look comfy. Happy fathers day dude.

Sun living up to his name of being one with and being protected by nature

Basketball for win :) Seems like there's 2 future NBA players.


A fun game on Father's Day May this day be the best day of your life

Better go ham on them little fellers

Stockton to Malone @craig-grant

Have a nice and funny fathers day craig : )

ayyyy cheers papa grant have a happy day

Very awesome family bonding time!

Happy father's day!

Happy Father's Day, Craig!! Hope you had a nice one!