Settling outside of family court (2015)

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In mediation with Shantra we agreed to certain stipulations. It laid out pretty basic custody terms for the current and foreseeable future and a more logical child support agreement. We agreed that I would pay 25% of each paycheck not a fixed amount as I am an oncall union employee and, as the future would show, wages/hours are not guaranteed. We acknowledged that I was going to move to California to live with family and work out of the San Francisco IATSE union, Local 16.

The mediation went better than I had expected considering I got absolutely reamed in court with false accusations and old family drama being brought into the mix just to clog the proceedings up via creating a paywall of sorts to just defend my name against these allegations from people who want to cover up their criminsl behavior or to protect family secrets.

This was all around May 2015. It was a three month process that left me turning down many work calls, unable to pay bills and homeless. I had chosen to hang out with people who drank alcohol as that is the 'normal thing' to do especially in Las Vegas. That didn't work out too well considering I don't normally drink. I found myself in a confused haze. I was just outright shocked that such cohesive actions were executed against me with people I once considered family but turned on me just to cover up their skeletons. In fact it took about 4 years just to fully comprehend the gravity of the entire situation and the consequences there of.

I had become a very depressive and reactionary person over the first 6 months of 2015. I let Shantra get the best of me. Our conversations pretty much from that point on has been hostile overall. She became an unyielding person, there was some key exceptions like when I would eventually have full custody 7-8 months later for 3 years. That is until she wanted to take them back for tax purposes.

So there I was packing up all my stuff and storing what I could in storage and packing up my necessities into my 4 door sedan. I was heading off to Sonoma, CA to stay with my friend Mark. At this point in time he had become more of a father figure to me than a friend. It was a good positive step forward for me at the time. Going to wine country, working in San Francisco and working on my friends backyard cannabis garden as a way to pay rent seemed like a no brainer.

I will have to go over how I found the child porn on my families computer with my next post. This whole telling of my story, for the very least, for my son's to know what happened; is taking a mental toll on me. There is a lot I have chosen to move forward with while trying to let bygones be bygones but with psychopaths and sociopaths telling their skewed stories that do nothing but negatively impacting everyone's lives involved; the least I can do is lay it all out for them to read.

The backstory leading up to the soon to be sterile story of my years having my boys is exhausting and hopefully I can do this before I fill my taxes in a couple of weeks.


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And how about the perjury in family court? As I've heard that family court is the most dramatic place and no one is sure of the truths and lies.

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