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Each person is biologically the result of a family inheritance. We also learn from our families our way of being and thinking, in a high percentage and we also call this inheritance.

So we are initially, a wealth of knowledge that begins with what we have learned in our home and thus bear the stamp of the Pérez and the Rodríguez or any other and the characteristics of said surnames. This is why we find phrases like "all Pérez are brave" or "all González are good businessmen" and each family puts their stamps in theirs. But to what extent is this favorable for our healthy emotional development?

Any family tradition that hinders your ability to love, understand or succeed, atrophies your ability to take your life and therefore grow. I find immature people ingratiated in the approval of their family, and this is the most effective way to make a person continue to use diapers until adulthood. So family approval or disapproval is a strong social stimulus. Being accepted before the most important people in your life, is often the maximum that a person can desire, and this determines their motivation of life, with poor critical criteria.


In this way we find delinquents fully supported by their family, but also those with white collar, with titles and social recognition, protected in the acceptance of their own family, which of course also receive benefits.

Now, in the course of life we ​​find situations where you can question this. For example, already in adulthood, before cohabitation with a couple where there is an approach to the family of this, and probably with a new deal, they can question their family of origin. I have known those who before this situation are more firmly entrenched in family teachings and those who, on the contrary, begin a process of change and assume their own vision of life. All families, want the best for their own, however there is no guarantee that their practices are the best, so we fall into the individual responsibility that is part of maturity. Let us accept our family as what it is, our close group that wants to help us and tha


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