Tales For The Terrible Twos! 😅✌️

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Single parents I salute you forever! 🙏 #dadmode

I love my mom and respect her choices as a single parent to do her best with what she knew at the time, what options she had around her and what must have been one of the toughest life paths she could have chosen. Birthing me LOL!

I’m on solo dad duty today and feeling a bit extra. Also attempting to intermittently type from my phone! I'm defender of the actual fort, enjoying a soft golden sunshine while little Mr. Kai is rounding up his toy animal family and I dunno, there must be a some dispute because I've been hiding in here at least 5 mins peacefully LOL!

Mom has been away with early starts all this week on her dona doula certification. She has to be out the door before he's up and isn't back until late afternoon. That's a long time for the little guy. He loves mama so much, and still enjoys his frequent booby snacks. Especially when there's any insecure feelings or unfamiliarity.

So double whammy! It's the first time they've been apart from each other for any prolonged time and that's when a boob would be most comforting. It's tough. Good tough, he's dealing well enough and I'm dotingly proud of his independence.

I enjoy hanging with my son for real, he’s a lot of fun and his laughter is hilarious! 😄
Had to add this one LOL.. Kai's like really Dad? Are we done with selfies yet?

People say terrible two’s and on my word I get it. The temper tantrums and all of us learning to manage our coping mechanisms together. No joke it can be a pure fucking headache. But what I don’t hear many talking about is..

Wait gotta go: Base is being dismantled.

Well that break was actually a repair, plus Dino attack and then stop for bananas and now it’s 9am so smoothie time. The noisy blender can go on, as well as music. Every day is a dance party! 💃🏻

As parents already know, there are rarely completed adult conversation and sometimes very few complete thoughts. Personal head space is a must, a meditation morning helps manage the toddler mayhem. Self love, self preservation.

Lol one day he's gonna get me back so bad for all this! Look at that STANKY face though!! 😝

Half the day has past. Morning chores, daily park, playground, exploration and market rounds. Everyone wants to say hello to the little prince, it takes hours. Now we’re at Aum for a lunch break and the girls are fussing over Kai and his long hair.

So I was saying something about terrible twos, we all hear about how hard it is. I guess my opinion is you always get more of what you focus on. Sure there’s definitely different kinds of challenges since baby mode. There's also so much cool and fun stuff happening!

For us Kai has been super active since the start, so there’s always more things to look out for. He loves climbing, running and jumping.. FULL force! 100% into everything he does means tons of bumps, falls and unexpected trust leaps to catch LOL!

Show gal dem how we get our bars son! 💪

More intensity as he grows up all means so much confidence in his movement. He copies Daddy's work out set with his own versions. Tiny press ups and handstands, when we go to the park Dad does his pulling and raising so Kai does too.

So what I’m saying is sure parenting can be hardcore, probably easier said than done to focus on the positive. Though they totally out weight the negatives. Like the reality check, woah this little being's learning curve is incredible. So many new things daily at this age. Words, colors, animals, English, Thai and his own half half language.

Nothing anyone told me before all this really prepared me for it, I never expected it to so don't stress yourself trying to "be ready". How will anyone know a child’s personality until they get here right? How you gonna know how you deal with things until you actually deal it! 😂

While he learns how to deal with his emotions, so do we. Struggling to learn his patience, is a great refresher course for Mom and Dad. The twos is an amazing time, it’s a great chance to get to know our children’s personality. Seems like we waited forever to meet them, so now they're showing us.. non-stop LOL!

That's right son, fight the power! Never loose that strong will LOL! 😂

Ok really gotta push on now, smoothie is long done. Nong the owner always feeds us a mountain of sticky rice and jungle curry. Kai loves steamed broccoli with his, which means it’s a count down until food coma hits. So before Kai starts getting cranky. Back to the cave.

Afternoon nap. Right on time as well. I’m so thankful, it gives me time to finish this post. I’m not pretending it’s all glitter and rainbows. It’s fucking random and intense, the unpredictability of a toddler keeps you on your toes at all times.

Aaaand there’s the fruits of my thoughts today LOL!

So let’s try to wrap this up, import images, format and post.

I started wanting to explain that this whole week is as humbling as it is exhausting.

I have mad respect for single parents and for all you do. You’re amazing, your strength, independence and commitment is so inspiring. Imagine how huge an example you are to your little ones, character building for tomorrow’s world.

Hungry baby don’t need no permission.. normalize nursing natures way 💗

My appreciation for @iamjamie is even deeper too. I’m happy we don’t subscribe to those traditional “gender roles”. How outdated and limiting that must be. You're missing half the show if you're only there half the time. If you only do "Dad" things, how can you appreciate what goes into "Mom" things right? I mean all except the birthing and boob bits.

I know most people don’t feel like it’s a choice, though no matter where we are we can always do better. Choosing to buy ourselves more family time right?

That's one reason I'm always encouraging my friends to subsidize their income with some online and passive earnings. How can we ignore that the J.O.B (just over broke) slave system steals 60 hours a week? That's literally 1/3 of our lives!

Truly appreciate where we're at and never take it for granted. I love that we’re able to do this together and am so thankful for the balance and support we share in this journey.

See ya in the next post.. or comments below!

Thanks for reading my rambles.

Keni 👊

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The cutie maybe will look like young Keanu Reeves in the future.