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Hello i greet you all in your dignities, today this story have touch on me, there is man in our village or community he lost his both parents at 3 years old, so from day one the man was struggling with the world to be in a good condition, so also God have blessed the man with many things in his life including Fuso transportation vehicle, even got some money and buy his own plot where he base and build his permanent home. So the man decided to his rib (Wife) for him to start a home and build their clan through producing Children and he was able to get a lady or wife material, he weeded the lady and start a new life with her . When the family is growing the man decided to set up a business for the lady and he set up a business for her (Boutique) . So as you know rumours in marriage is common in Africa so more people start bringing fake news about the man that he falls in love with another ladies. What the mans wife decide to do is the reason why i have sat down and wrote this post to share with you all in this community and give some views about it and help the man to decide what next. So the lady went to the witch doctor with the in-tension of witching the man lose everything in his life imagine and witch the man not falling in love with other ladies only her, so the witch doctor gave her the African drugs and the lady come and put those drugs in the food which the man is going to eat but after the guy eating the food, he dreamed while his diseased mother telling that your sleeping with a person your sleeping with a snake. so the man share with his wife about that dream them wife i don't the meaning of that dream, and man asked the lady if your to do any harm on me please stop. Now the man eat the food mixed with drugs what the guy run mad and start eating on rubbish pits. Then someone called his uncle and Uncle helped the man to take him to another witch doctor to remove this evils on him so the witch doctor succeed and the man come back in his normal way but the man ordered to bounce this on him back to his wife. Now the wife is eating on the rubbish so the man is asking should he forget everything and forgive from the rubbish pit to come as one family. What did you do if your the one!! #OCDcommunity #chary @achimmertens @koenau


forgive! And learn to love everyone. Watch with the same eyes as bad luck and good luck happen to you. Find peace : ) that would be my plan x

Thank you
Great information from You my Beloved brother