Brushes with death

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Well I come to steem with a heavy heart. I just unsuccessfuly performed cpr today. My wife was doing most of the compressions and I helped position and breath. We worked for around 15 minutes until the squad took over. The hospital allowed him to come home to early after he ensured them he was ok. I know diligence was not done. I was thankful for the relief of an easy passing. A lot of weight has been lifted of many people around him. He was a hard man to live with but we did what was right in taking care of someone without a blood bond. Blood bonds dont matter and this situation only goes to show that we can all get along. We just have to try and get our zpace from time to time when tensions run high. Celebrating life and losing a branch does not kill the whole tree. Just like the Moringa that survived a huricane.

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sorry for the rough day you had bud and it must have sucked to be in that position but at least you did what was needed
peace be with ya man