Parents - The Ties That Bind

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Parents are those people that we definitely cannot choose in life. These people i.e., mother and father bring us into this world. We all might have seen and heard many stories of traumatic childhoods of children who suffer physical and emotional abuse from their parents and thus go on to have messed up and not so normal lives. However, living our entire lives in Pakistan, this is one thing that comes across as quite a shock to us because over here family would literally go to any extent just to make sure the kids are happy let alone safe and protected.

What makes them so special? Is it the fact that they look after our needs throughout our lifetime even when we’re old and independent enough? Or is it just their undying love and affection for us? Well of course it’s both. Also what makes them so special is the bond that we have with them that lasts a lifetime. People come and go, they can be replaced, but what cannot be replaced are parents. They want nothing but the best for us and it’s manifested all too well via their actions.

Just like most normal girls I have had a rebellious teenage phase. The time when I wanted to break free from everything and literally wanted to start a new life in a new continent. That was because at that time those things were my idea of a perfect life. Little did I know that how naive I was! I would always remember and appreciate my parents for letting me be during that phase. There have been times when I used to say “no” to every single thing they asked of me no matter how big or small, and thus would have constant arguments with them over petty matters. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t their fan then. I wasn’t appreciative of what they had and still had been doing for me. Yet, they somehow always came to terms with what I had to say or what I wanted to do in life. Now when I look back, I can’t believe they did not abandon me for good (lol). I haven’t been the best daughter, not even a good one to begin with. I’ve hurt them intentionally or unintentionally, been loud and rude to them. Been disobedient, however, tops the list. There have been times when I was disobedient in so much as picking a different dress. This one time when I was hardly seven or eight, I refused to get out of the shop unless they bought me the dress I’d picked for myself and I remember not wearing that dress after one time since the stuff used to itch and even caused rashes.

What I Have Learned As I Have Aged:

We all grow up someday/ one day. Sometimes it’s either a sudden realization or we just seem to prioritize things based on our experiences. For me it was a sudden realization. It was when I traveled abroad for the first time that too without them. My mother helped me with last minute shopping and even checked up on me to see if I needed any help with the packing. I had been to trips within the country numerous times without them and never felt a thing so the pattern was set in my mind that I’ll be alright. Besides it was just a week and a week passes in the blink of an eye anyway, right? Little did I know that how wrong was the naïve mind of me! It was only when I reached there, though everything was organized and in order, two days down and I started to feel their absence. First I thought it was merely a thought and would pass by in the blink of an eye but again, WRONG! Now I had started to feel like a part of me was missing. Do you realize how it is like to feel a missing part? It’s beyond terrible. But that’s what I was feeling. Because of certain restrictions with Social Media Apps in the UAE, I couldn’t talk to them every day either, one of the reasons I couldn’t express how I was feeling. But everything happens for a reason I believe. Had I expressed my feelings, they would have only felt worse that I was far away and not enjoying to my fullest. Anyway, all that was enough for me to realize their value in my life. Having said that, I came home a different person. It’s something I never mentioned to them, nor did they ever communicate my change in attitude to me, but I hope and believe they feel the pure love and affection I have for them that I never feel shy to express.

Even now, I don’t remember deliberately finding time for them because of the fact that I’m always running around here and there doing my routine things, but whenever we spend time together (which is being in the same room mostly and I’m glad it happens more often than not) I find comfort in their presence. I find solace. I feel so happy that we share all the laughter and make fond memories.

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Absolutely right.There is no makeshift of parents. Unfortunately some people don't give them values. You have shared nice article.

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