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I was going to suggest for Papa to keep an eye out for canvas deals this time of year you can get them super cheap. Last Christmas I got a bunch done because we had lost all of our family photos. Just checked their canvases are 70% off with 4.99 shipping right now. It's a total steal! and if you order by the 16th there is still time to get them for Christmas. You may even be able to find a deal to get the first one free somewhere online.


Aha, making friends with Grandpa-Pepper already? He authored the most recent book we put out!

I'm adopting the whole family! You're quality folk ;) Definitely check it out though I saw ads for $1.99 shipping and ones for a free 11 x 14 canvas so there are tons of options if you keep your eye out for the one that is right for you. That photo would make a great family portrait for the wall.

Thank you for the information on canvas photos. We'll have to check them out.