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RE: 800,000 Missing Children Each Year in the U.S. Alone, 8 Million Worldwide, Pedophile Problem Exposed by International Tribunal

If you are not horrified, you will be.

Movies are so great at planting in us ideas... that we never question.
All the history books talk about "great men".

What if i told you that everyone that is/was supposedly great was a child trafficker and child rapist?

That this trafficking is multi-generational, and the network is large and deep.

The police guard the "ritual" sites.
The CPS actually moves children.
There are underground tunnels connecting important sites.

If we busted them all tomorrow, we could not give them a speedy trial. There is just too many of them.

This is why that idiot that went to Podesta Pizza with a rifle was definitely a staged event. No one gets near the actual places. First the police will ask you politely to leave the area. If you get past that, then the mercenaries will kill you.


"The bastards at the council are all trafficking the kids, and still they're not in jail."

@builderofcastles, if you haven't heard the following song by @daznez, thought you'd appreciate it :)

'What's it like to be a psycho?' by Darren Nesbit:

Hehe, there is one way to give them all a speedy 'trial' :P Street justice style of the many vs. the few... but then again they have most of the weapons and minions who are order followers and obey the masters commands :/ Many of the great men are indeed involved in it. It's how they move up the ladder in most cases, by making friends and joining the clubs of perverted shit.