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RE: @familyprotecton Has Over 1000 Followers And A reputation Of 60, All Within 6 Months!

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6 months here and counting more
A bright future there is in store
1,000 followers and it will grow
A 61 reputation that all will know.

A cause where friends will join as one
For Dads, daughters, mothers and sons
Protect, defend and strong to stand
For family and freedom in every land.

A voice for those who cannot speak
A strength for those afraid and weak
A cry for kindness, compassion and care
Let justice prevail its trail everywhere.

Till tears of sadness turn to joy
as smiles await each girl and boy
6 month here and coming more
A bright future there is in store.

Original poetry I share. Congratulations @familyprotection!


You are quite the poet my friend!!

Thanks Blessings.

Back at ya friend!