The Virus - CPS Forced Vaccinations And Poetry From A Child - Enjoy with Troy!

You can either make sure you and your family are vaccinated against the Corvid 19 virus, Mrs. Nelson, or else the CPS will need to take your children. The choice is yours.

Forced Vaccinations

Imagine, if your were a loving mother and the local CPS social worker told you to get vaccinated or, forfeit your children. What a scary situation. Yet, the CPS uses the agenda of forced vaccination as a means to legally kidnap children. Through intimidation and fear, they discredit the decision making of parent and whittle away their rights.



By The CPS?

The CPS (Child Separation Services) is a money laundering branch of the government, whose life blood is in taking your blood. In other words, they make money off of child trafficking... and it is your child. They find a reason, either flimsy or manufactured through lies, to take a child. They then go through the process of either placing the child in foster care or releasing them to sex trafficking. Judges and lawyers are already bought off. Either way, they make a profit and reach their weekly quotas.

The government baby farm is a conveyor belt of child slaughter on a global scale.

I thought It Was My Body!

There was a time when we had the slogan, 'My body. My choice.' That was embraced several decades ago to encourage a woman's right to chose. Funny, it is not your choice when it comes to vaccinations. Herd safety mentality overrules personal choice and the switch is hypocritical. Yet, millions of children die today, regardless if it is the CPS or abortion.

We have legalized evil, and are allowing it to kill our youth.


Lawsuit Parents Say Newborn Was Illegally Seized After They Refused Non-Mandatory Procedueres

Everyone Reacts Differently

And what is in that concocted vile they force you to take? People are all individuals and a mass produced vaccination campaign does not work. Children will react differently. Some will get sick from it... and some will die. Who will take responsibility for their deaths? I doubt it will be daddy government... or the CPS.

You can rest assured that big pharma and medical professionals are waiting to mass produce vaccinations on your child. They know if you don't comply, the big arm of the CPS will force it. Either way they are assured of business.

Yet, doctors have one of the lowest life expectancy rates. Do you think taking those lethal vaccines contribute? They certainly don't help. How many doctors do you know lived to be 90 or 100? There is a reason why 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie' - Dr. Joseph Wallach

What Would You Do?

Yes, the CPS is eager and waiting to take your child, when forced vaccinations are initiated. What will you do? Think about it long an hard. Will you, like a sheep, comply and let the unknown cocktail enter your child... and you? Will you act in fear... or will you research and make your own decision, absent of pressure or fear?

What Did Mrs. Nelson Do?

What did Mrs. Nelson do? Well she reached out to a friend who got her in touch with a pro-family group in her small town. She educated herself and thoroughly researched about child vaccines. Today, she has teemed up with folks to stand for the rights of families. She is fighting back.

She was also introduced to @familyprotection on Steemit, where she read up on how to defend yourself against the CPS. She learned how they tirelessly stand for truth and work to protect innocence. They believe that vaccination is a personal choice. I encourage you to support @familyprotection as they bring freedom to all.

Hearing The Voice Of A Child In Poetry.

Mrs. Nelson also decided to write a poem regarding vaccines that is spoken by a child. Forced child vaccinations by the CPS or any other entity is something she refuses to let happen. Daily, she is on a campaign to fight the evils of the CPS and be a voice for the voiceless. She feels that the CPS has no place in the business of families. She wanted me to share this poem with the Steemit community. She hopes it will be be a voice for all those who are forced into vaccinations by the CPS.

Vaccine Nation.jpg



Tell me doctor what I need.
Labels are so hard to read.
The needle now that you inject
In my blood it will affect.

What is in the vaccine strain?
Can you list them all by name?
When I'm pregnant I have a choice.
"It is your body." I hear them voice.

Yet they force this needle sharp.
"Vaccinate" they scream and harp.
Why must I oblige their will
As sickness comes and death still?

I've seen the children lifeless be
In still life corpse from needles free.
Tell me doctor, would you take
the syringed concoction that they make?

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What is @familyprotection

If you do not know what family protection is I would encourage you to read our posts and help support the efforts of the fine bloggers who support the freedoms and rights of families. We work hard to promote an support the values and rights of moms and dads, that has come under attack by governments who wish to eliminate the God given authority and power of the family. @familyprotection uplifts the family and is always welcoming bloggers who wish to contribute to its cause. Consider standing for truth and the family. Consider @familyprotection.

Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.

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Thanks for reading and listening. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem


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