@familyprotecton Has Over 1000 Followers And A reputation Of 60, All Within 6 Months!


The @familyprotection
community support group is maturing nicely.

We have just reached two
major steemit milestones in quick succession.


We would like to thank all of our members
who have helped us get to where we are today,
without your encouragement and support we would be
nowhere near as big as we are now.

A special BIG thanks to everyone who spends hours upon hours painstakingly putting piecing together posts that highlight the ever growing problem of state sponsored kidnapping that seems to be more common than we first thought.

To give everyone an idea of the amount of post
we have supported in the last 6 months here are just a few




We ARE making a difference!

Together we are standing up for all the
families that CPS have destroyed!

Everyone here knows the power of the Blockchain, and when the the rest of the world catches up, we will already have a strong foothold and an arsenal of evidence and that will be impossible to brush under the carpet.

Keep Believing!

Keep Supporting!

Together We Are Unstoppable!




6 months here and counting more
A bright future there is in store
1,000 followers and it will grow
A 61 reputation that all will know.

A cause where friends will join as one
For Dads, daughters, mothers and sons
Protect, defend and strong to stand
For family and freedom in every land.

A voice for those who cannot speak
A strength for those afraid and weak
A cry for kindness, compassion and care
Let justice prevail its trail everywhere.

Till tears of sadness turn to joy
as smiles await each girl and boy
6 month here and coming more
A bright future there is in store.

Original poetry I share. Congratulations @familyprotection!

You are quite the poet my friend!!

Thanks Blessings.

Back at ya friend!

congrats ! hope to see it keep growing 😄

Such a tremendous achievement @familyprotection ! You’re bringing a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. All the admiration and respect I can display in a text format is from the bottom of my heart. I am excited to change the world with the community.kindness and compassion go alot further when its done as a whole. Muchlove! Keep up the good fight. Lets work to bring light to the injustices of the cps and promote and demand policy change to better the lives of children globally. @canadian-coconut you are one heck of a human being. I would vote for you as prime minister.

An important movement! Well done!


Congratulations to everyone involved...

This is a Great milestone and the issues have certainly gained much more exposure.

AND YES... These efforts are making a BIG Difference because awareness is the first step.

Cheers !!

Now it just turned 61 rep!. The wave is getting bigger and will continue to!. It is not just the number of followers, but I am smiling to the fact that many are as well actively laboring for the onward movement of this train. Together we are becoming a strong community with a goal. We would become super super stronger as time, experience, dedication and commitment to the cause grows further. Cheers! for today and the days ahead!

hahaha! thats great, I believe it was on 61 before sneak went on a flagging rampage against @familyprotection and then we we went back down to 60 for a while.

That you for always being there for this cause.


Becomes 1001 followes just right now 😎😍❤️👍🏼

Thanks for your guys hard work. We need to bring more awareness to this topic. United we stand strong.

YES!!! This time next year I'd like to see those numbers triple!!!

I also support you family cps, truth will surely win and achieve justice that is certain, cps family will surely get justice and traitor will be ruined with kekufurannya. I @rizalfajri always want to donate to @familyprotection when it has got payment but this time I have not get reply from @canadian-coconut to fill what I have to write in memo. Greetings from Aceh

Well done you and well done all everyone for the support good to see posts with meaning getting more rep

Wow. That indeed is an achievement. Congrats and keep up your journey on steemit. Wish u the very best. Upvoted and following . Please review mynew post on meditation and provide your feedback if possible.


congratulation... this is great..

No one here to follow me and upvote me 😥😥😥😥

Great achievement,this is my definition for Success....I haven't been a member until now,but one thing i know is that success is contagious and I wish to replicate such.Kudos!!

This is amazing #familyprotection when I first came in contact with the intervention and help and exposure of the family protection I was so thrilled, @Markwhittam and @Canadian-coconut, I'm so glad that you've come this far with everything you achieved and attained, congratulations y'all, it's a fantastic milestones here

Congratulations! You guys are doing a lot of good.

No conocía este blog, Desde ya considérenme una nueva seguidora. Su aporte y objetivos son valiosísimos. Dignos de apoyar. Un abrazo

This article is very interesting to read. I just love it, and I'll wait for the next article. 👌👌

great achievement with positive role!
We are here to support you

Let the successes follow. It is always nice to discover these initiatives in Steemit thanks to them every day I like more the platform and what it contributes to society. Greetings from Venezuela

Congratulations, both on the milestones and the wonderful work you are doing. Everyone involved in this, sharing their own story and delving into so much pain to spread awareness, or putting together other people's stories, all of you, working hard to make people aware of the monster within the system - you're HEROES, ALL of YOU.

Congratulations! Many people work kard to raise awareness on the abuse perpetrated by child protective services in many parts of the world, but this community wouldn't even exist without Linda and Mark, so they deserve all the credit!
And judging by what I've read in recent posts, the new legislations on homeschooling, the increasing pressure on parents to vaccinate their children - authorities will get even more pretexts to try and destroy families that stray from the norm!

your good broder

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If this group really wants to help kids and families ...team up with coders and start a Blockchain coin ... for kids to help with multiple issues

Congratulation @familyprotection. If 1000+ followers work from different corners of the world, we will see a big change. Its a lot of hard work done by family protection. I wish to see more people are joining to act together for the betterment of the kids and victim families.

This post is motivating and I just started steemit Not long ago and is good to see someone who came so far in a short period of time

Wow! I saw my posts. Family protection cannot be stopped, because we are not stopping
Congratulations @familyprotection

Congratulations to you @familyprotection with the milestones.. I am curious what this will look like in three months, as you're growing hard .. many new people find the community on steemit. Keep up the good work, I will keep writing to share my experiences and thoughts.. Have a good day!

Thank you, that you would give people a chance to speak. The most important thing is to start, you did it, and we helped you. But without you we would not exist! For me it is pride and honor to see my posts in your tape! Thank you for your support, I'm with you!

Family protection supporters will grow! We will fight! We will do this for the better lives of children globally.

a wonderful example of growth. I really congratulate those who have contributed. I want to follow your group sincerely and vote.

Wow, truly amazing what one small community can do! Soon to be the largst community in stemit! Keep it up my friend...Makes my heart feel good just knowing we can and are making a difference in these kids and their families lives. Never ever be content to help "Just one kid." Let's help millions...

Congratulations. Now I have seen you and followed. Would you tell me what to do if you could get an upvote? I think you are doing very good work. Thank You so much.


This is so great to see, when the right people come together and share their passion, change happens. Really very inspiring what can happen when you are doing the right thing and fighting the right fight.


Great. Keep growing & stay blessed.👍

You have my full support @familyprotection!
Together we all are unstoppable.

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