Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today

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medically-kidnapped-children Images from a few of the stories we have covered at Health Impact News and

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

If you live in the United States of America today, and you have children in your home under the age of 18, every day you are in danger of losing your children to the State through medical kidnapping. Something as simple as bringing your child to the local emergency room to care for an injury or sickness puts you at risk for being accused of medically abusing or neglecting your child, and having a doctor direct a social worker to remove the child or children from your custody by force.

Since launching in late 2014, we have published dozens of such stories where parents lost custody of their child or children, simply because a medical professional deemed them unworthy parents. Medical kidnapping is defined as the State taking away children from their parents and putting them into State custody and the foster care system, simply because the parents did not agree with a doctor regarding their prescribed medical treatment for the family. In some cases it is as simple as telling a doctor you are going to seek a second opinion on a suggested medical procedure, and then ending up being charged with "medical abuse" and losing your children.

Medical kidnapping is part of a larger problem of State-sponsored child kidnapping. State-sponsored kidnapping is where the State steps in and decides that they know what is best for a child or group of children within a family, and then removes the children without any formal charges being brought against the parents. The parents lose their children immediately, often without any warrant being issued by a judge. They are assumed guilty by social services of something worthy of losing their children, usually with no formal charges filed in a court of law, and no trial by a jury of peers as is afforded by the Constitution of the United States of America. They must spend significant resources to try and get their children back from a family court system that is cloaked in secrecy with little to no accountability. Sometimes the parents are able to get their children back, but sometimes they do not, and the children are adopted out. Even in the instances where the children are allowed to return home to their parents, they are severely traumatized.

Therefore, much of what we describe and document in this article can also be applied to State-sponsored kidnappings in general, and not just medical kidnapping.

While we have published over 400 articles on the medical kidnapping issue in just a little over a year's time, we have good reason to believe that the family stories we have published represent but a mere fraction of the tragic stories currently happening all across America today. Every day heart-broken parents contact us looking for help, but very few are willing to go public with their stories. They fear the State, because they hold their children, and they want to believe that if they just do what the State tells them to do, they will get their children back. Usually the ones willing to go public have already spent many weeks or months fighting a corrupt system, one that has little to no accountability, and they have given up hope. They want the public to know their story. They want to warn others. When they do go public, the judge over their case in family court usually issues a gag order against them. Many attorneys around the country have stated that these gag orders are unconstitutional.

Also, since we are one of the few news organizations to tackle this issue, many have now also started to come to us with adult medical kidnapping issues, including the kidnapping of seniors and the seizure of their assets to cover medical expenses. We are beginning to investigate and report on these stories as well.

Medical Kidnapping is Real

We have been covering medical kidnapping stories at Health Impact News since the year Health Impact News started, in 2011. The first stories we published were stories that were originally published by local mainstream media in the communities where the medical kidnappings allegedly occurred. Here are a few of the original stories we covered before was started.

The Godboldo Family of Detroit

Maryanne Godboldo Maryanne Godboldo and a picture of her daughter Arianna.

In 2011 we were one of the first national media outlets to cover the Maryanne Godboldo story, which was first picked up by the local Detroit Free Press. Maryanne Godboldo, a Detroit homeschooling mother who refused to give her child powerful anti-psychotic drugs after she was developmentally disabled due to vaccine injuries, refused to give up her daughter to Child Protection Services, so they called in a SWAT team and had Maryanne arrested, and seized her daughter. You can read the entire story here. It was one of our top stories in 2011.

Maryanne Godboldo’s story is told in the following video:

This long protracted legal battle, which has resulted in the child being reunited with her mother and all charges against the mother dropped, would not have been possible without Attorney Allison Folmar.

Attorney Allison Folmar (left) and Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo (right) Attorney Allison Folmar (left) and Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo (right)

In January of 2016, the Michigan Court of Appeals reversed her dismissal and remanded the matter back to the district court. So her legal battle continues.

The Nikolayev Family of Sacramento

Alex and Anna Nikolayev with Baby Anna and Alex Nikolayev with their baby Sammy.

The second major medical kidnapping story that Health Impact News covered was in 2013, the story of the Nikolayev family in Sacramento. This story came to our attention only because local media in Sacramento picked it up, and it was highly publicized.

Anna and Alex Nikolayev's baby Sammy was seized by Child Protection Services, with the help of local law enforcement, simply because they took their baby to a different hospital to get a second opinion about heart surgery. The entire incident where the child was removed by force was captured on video:

In the unedited video above, the entire incident of Child Protective Services and the Sacramento Police using force to take away Anna and Alex Nikolayev's baby is recorded. Anna and Alex had received poor care for their baby at a local hospital, and when the hospital wanted to do heart surgery on their infant, they wanted a second opinion and took the baby to a different hospital.

The first hospital did not approve of this and did not discharge the child. Therefore, they called Child Protection Services. The parents, meanwhile, had taken the baby to a second hospital, where the child was discharged that night by a physician, since there was no immediate danger, and the surgery was not imminent.

But, the next day, Child Protection Services and the Sacramento Police showed up at the parents' home to take away their baby. The husband was outside at the time, and he was forced to the ground so that the police could enter the home by force. The mother, seeing what was happening outside, set up the camera to record the whole incident (see video above). The social workers would not even tell the mother where they were taking the baby.

The police took the baby out of the mother's arms by force, and only after the social workers had already left with the baby did they allow the mother to show the hospital documents showing that their baby was properly discharged by a physician from the second hospital. The police did not seem to care what the facts were at all, and gave full authority to CPS to remove the child. (Full story here.)

Senior Consul of Russia, Vycheslav Uvarov, in San Francisco in the court in Sacramento, with Honorary Consul of Russia, Natalia Owen. Photo by Alexander Klimov - posted on Facebook.

Since the father is a Russian national, this incident caused an international uproar. Russia accused the United States of abusing the couple's human rights. Diplomats were sent to attend the hearing in Sacramento. (Full story here.)

Here is Fox News covering the story:

The Rider Family of Kansas City


Michelle Rider and her 16-year-old son, Isaiah Rider, traveled from Kansas City to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago after doctors in her hometown, Texas, and Boston were unable to effectively treat his neurofibromatosis — a painful condition that causes tumors to grow on his nerves. When Isaiah’s pain was reportedly not getting any better at Lurie’s, his mother attempted to have him transferred to another hospital. But doctors at Lurie’s Hospital reported to Cook County Court that Michelle was guilty of “medical child abuse”, as they disagreed with the course of treatment chosen by the mother. As a result, they seized custody of Isaiah and put him into a foster home in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, where he claims he was sexually abused.

We only knew about this story because the local media in Kansas City picked up the story. Learn more about Isaiah Rider's story which continues today.

Justina Pelletier and Boston Children's Hospital

In 2013 and 2014, Justina Pelletier became a national symbol for children and families all across America who have gone through legal medical kidnapping. The Pelletier family is from Connecticut, and a local reporter from Connecticut, Beau Berman, first reported on the story.

When Justina was finally released from State custody after national outrage, Justina and her family traveled to Washington D.C. to promote "Justina's Law," a bipartisan bill proposed to end medical research on children. She received a standing ovation from members of Congress.

Justina was taken away from her parents by force at the age of 15, and held for over a year as Boston Children's Hospital kept her confined in their psych ward. They disagreed with the family's doctor over her diagnosis, and had the state's "child protection" social service agency seize custody of her away from her parents, against her will and the will of her parents. What ensued was a long legal battle to get their daughter back, that probably only ended positively because her story went viral and was picked up by the national mainstream media. This because her father refused to obey a court-directed gag order and went to the media with their story. Media heavyweights such as Dr. Phil, Mike Huckabee, and Glenn Beck picked up her story.

Here is a plea Justina made herself to Governor Patrick and Judge Johnston just before she was finally released:

For many Americans, Justina's story was their first exposure to the medical kidnapping issue, since it was reported so widely by national media personalities. However, Justina's case was neither unique nor rare, and what happened to her and her family has happened to many thousands of other children and families all across the United States.

Other stories that Health Impact News reported on because other media outlets first reported the stories include:

Family of Amish Girl Who Fled the Country to Avoid Forced Experimental Chemo Tells Their Side of the Story

Child Taken Away from Parents for Medical Reasons Dies in Foster Care

Mother Forced to Give Son Chemo, Even Though He is in Remission

State of Michigan Sues Parents to Force Chemo on Cancer-free Child

Gulf War Vet and Wife Lose Children to CPS because Doctor Prescribed Medical Marijuana for Headaches is Born

Late in 2014, Health Impact News was receiving so many reports from parents who were telling us their stories about how their children were being medically kidnapped, that we started a separate website just to document their stories. Most of them had no where else to go, as they did not have the advantage of any local media picking up their story. Many of the stories that we began to publish on behalf of the families were originally reported by us, and then later picked up by local mainstream media after the story went viral on the Internet and through social media.

The Diegel Sisters of Phoenix

Diegel sisters

In a case bearing several similarities to Justina Pelletier's family's experience with Boston Children's Hospital, and Isaiah Rider's family's experience with Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, 10 and 12 year old sisters were seized by Phoenix Children's Hospital over a medical dispute. The mother was reportedly ordered to not discuss the case with anyone, and forced to take down YouTube videos and a Facebook Page with over 3000 followers that was documenting the actions of Child Protection Services and doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Kayla and Hannah Diegel suffer from congenital disorder of glycosylation, (CDG, a form of mitochondrial disease.) Part of their condition is also suffering with "Gastroparesis," which is a partially paralyzed stomach. As a result, they were fed through feeding tubes to bypass the stomach.

During the course of their treatment, the girls' family doctor's clinic of eight years, Estrella Mountain Medical Group, suddenly sent a letter to the parents instructing them to transfer the girls to the care of Phoenix Children's Hospital Special Needs Clinic. They bounced between several different doctors at PCH, but they were all in the field of genetics. It was during this time that the girls were diagnosed with "congenital disorder of glycosylation" (CDG).

Unknown to the parents at the time, there was funding and drug trials going on for this rare condition. The article on the Facebook Page reports: "The glycosylation trial whose collaborative agreement is through NHGRI/ TGEN opened up on March 14th, 2014, just 3 weeks before the two Phoenix sisters were medically kidnapped."

The mother reportedly began to suspect that something was going on, as she reviewed the medical records and medications her daughters were receiving. She requested that the care of her daughters be transferred to another doctor "due to his neglect and endangerment of younger daughter i.e., not returning phone calls, ignoring her severe pain and documented bowel impaction being treated from home by registered nurses, under his supervision."

Shortly after this, in April of 2014, the hospital took custody of both daughters away from the family through CPS. Read the original story here. Health Impact News was ordered by the court in Arizona, via Melissa Diegel, to remove their story (Health Impact News did not comply.) Here are some public statements made by Melissa Diegel prior to the court issuing a gag order on her.

Babies Taken Away from Parents Right After they are Born

Some of the most tragic stories we have covered are from families who lose their babies to CPS and medical authorities right after they are born, often before they can even bring them home from the hospital, and before the parents could even have a chance of being accused of "abusing" their children. And these are not situations where the parents were using drugs and drugs were detected in the babies. Here are a few of those tragic stories:

Rengo-family Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital (over 1 million shares on Facebook)

Verzosa Tracey crying with baby Breastfeeding 2-day Old Newborn Seized From Parents Because Mother Has Disability

dsc03104_0118 Homebirthed Newborn Medically Kidnapped at Illinois Children’s Hospital

tiffany-Langwell CPS Takes 1 Day Old Baby from Mom Because She Left the Hospital “Too Early”

Does the State Ever Have a “Right” to Remove Children from a Home?

When publishing stories of medical kidnappings, invariably we will get the response: "There must be another side to the story." Indeed, there is always "another side to the story," but often what is implied by making such a statement is that the State does not simply remove children from parents without good reason.

We will address some of the reasons why the State is motivated to remove children from the custody of their parents, but first, consider the question: Does the state EVER have a "right" to remove children from a home?

Most people would answer "yes", there are certain situations where it is correct for the State to remove children from their parents, in situations where the children need to be protected.

However, I would like to suggest that the Constitution of the United States of America protects the rights of individuals and families, and that it is never lawful for social services to remove a child from their biological parents, taking them out of their home and making them a ward of the State, removing legal custody from their parents. This is particularly true when neither the parents nor the children request or desire such action.

As soon we give the State authority to decide who are good parents, and who are bad parents, we have moved away from the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, which was written to protect individual liberties, not give more power to the State. Historically, deciding who are "good parents" and who "deserves" to keep custody of their children, has not been a function of the State. It is a recent development in our nation's history.

In almost all of the medical kidnapping stories we have covered, no formal criminal charges are ever brought against the parents. Child protection services today has so much power, that they can literally remove children from homes simply on the "tip" of an anonymous phone call. Suspected criminals who are charged with things like murder, rape, and terrorism are afforded more legal rights in the criminal justice system today than parents are, when social services removes their children, assuming they are guilty, and then forces the parents to prove their innocence in family or juvenile court.

Certainly children who are suffering in their homes from abuse should be protected. But by whom? Statistics show that across the spectrum, in every state in the U.S., that foster care children fare worse in foster care than they do in the care of their "abusive" parents. Foster children suffer from drug abuse, sexual abuse, physical harm, and many other crimes at a much higher rate than children who are left with their biological parents.

Consider the case of alleged abuse in other cases where children are not involved. For example, if there were a complaint by a woman against an alleged “abusive” husband or partner; who would be removed from the home by law enforcement if an investigation warranted it? Would the alleged victim, in this case the woman making the complaint, be the one removed from the home?

Of course not! The person the complaint was filed against would be removed, all the while having their Constitutional rights protected, by arresting them, reading their Miranda rights, and bringing them before a judge to face the charges. The alleged victim would remain in the home. That is the legal process.

But this due process of law is not followed with social services and local law enforcement when they remove children from their homes. In these cases, the alleged victims are removed from the home (the children), while the alleged abusers (the parents) are left in the home, and in most cases with no criminal charges filed.

This is a clear violation of the Constitution and a family’s civil rights. So why is it happening?

There are multiple reasons why this is happening, but they are very easy to understand.

First, when the due process of the law is followed to arrest someone, hold them in confinement, bring them before a judge to press charges, and then follow the judicial process of bringing about a “speedy trial,” all of these actions are a burden to the state. In other words, it costs money.

When children are taken into State custody, however, they become an asset to the State. What this means is that all the child’s expenses are now paid via federal funds, including medical costs via Medicaid. There are also federal funds in place for foster care. The longer a child remains in State custody, the more funds that state can collect.

For more information on this issue, see:

Does the State Ever Have a “Right” to Remove Children from a Home?

Motivations for State Sponsored Kidnappings

Let's take a brief overview now on the motivations States have to take custody of children against the will of their parents.

The Medical Kidnapping Business: Bilking Medicaid

One of the main reasons this terrible practice goes on in virtually all 50 states is because every child who is taken away from their parents by social service agencies like CPS (Child Protection Services), immediately becomes a ward of the state, and the state can bill Medicaid for ALL of that child’s medical costs.

CPS (or the equivalent state social services agency) does not even need a warrant or court order to seize custody in all 50 states, they just need a complaint of abuse. And doctors are quick to issue them if they feel their medical advice is not being followed, or the parents want to take their child out of their care to seek a second opinion. Once the medical kidnapping occurs, the family is left to fight it out in Family Court to try to get their children back.

So consider the scenario where a child has a rare genetic disease, and comes into a healthcare facility for treatment. The doctors are limited to only those procedures covered by the patient’s insurance company, and to drugs already approved by the FDA. But if the child becomes a ward of the state, they can bill Medicaid for all medical costs, and current laws allow them to conduct medical trials on the child. There are currently over 100,000 drug trials nationwide for new pediatric drugs.

WSOCTV in Charlotte, N.C. recently reported on a huge Medicaid fraud scheme within the Department of Social Services. A woman working for the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services was collecting names of children who were NOT wards of the state and selling them to the head of a non-profit organization called Peaceful Alternative Resources which offers mental health and mentoring services. The child protection social worker allegedly received $10,000 in exchange for the names of 25 children.

Ronnie Robinson, the head of this organization, pleaded guilty to health care fraud after scheming to defraud Medicaid of $3.4 million in fraudulent reimbursement payments from false claims.

To learn more about the State's benefits from Medicaid when children are placed into foster care, see:

The Medical Kidnapping Business: Bilking Medicaid

Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds

The Defend Parental Authority in Arizona Facebook Page released a video clip from the Arizona Judicial Branch government website. It is from their Dependency Video Series training Family Court Judges on how to handle Dependency cases in family court. Judge Aimee Anderson and Judge Mark Brain of Maricopa County are giving a presentation in this clip that instructs judges how to handle cases brought to family court by CPS.

It appears from this video that the first concern of the family courts is not justice, but federal funding. Judge Brain makes it clear that if they do not remove the child from the parent immediately, they will lose federal funding. Quote:

If you are removing a child, in a Contrary to the Welfare finding, that order is mandatory. If you do not make that finding whenever you remove that child from a placement, you're forfeiting federal funds... The federal government says that if you did not make that (decision) right at the outset the first time through, you're not going to get any federal money for those services, ever... CPS is going to have a kid they cannot pay for.
As we have pointed above, a child taken into state custody can have all of their medical care billed directly to Medicaid, and this alone represents an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide. There are other funds also available for programs like foster care. Obviously, children with medical needs present the greatest amount of federal funds the state can receive per child.

So what if the child was removed unnecessarily? What if the child actually was NOT in danger with the parents? Is it the responsibility of the family court judge to find out?

Apparently not. Here is what Judge Brain said:

What happens then when a majority of the removal team under (section) 8-822 doesn't agree with the removal? Is the remedy to dismiss the dependency in these kinds of cases? (someone in the classroom can be heard on the video actually saying "Yes it is.")

My answer is "no." And the reason is that there are two ways to remove a child. CPS, yes, can go in and grab them... The second way is upon order of the court children can be removed.

Judge Brain makes it clear that his order even supersedes CPS if they are uncomfortable removing the child. If the parents don't like it, according to Judge Brain, they can fight it out in Civil Court and pay a lot of money.

So is this training video for judges in Arizona designed to carry out their oath and seek justice for protecting families, or to fill their quota of children that need to become wards of the state to receive federal funds to pay everyone's salaries and benefits?

Medical Kidnapping: Billion Dollar Adoption Business

Adoption-com Websites such as advertise and market children available for adoption.

Fertility rates in the United States are at an all-time low. As John P. Thomas has reported in his article, Are GMO Foods, Vaccines, and Big Pharma Producing an Infertile Generation?, fertility rates are plummeting:

  1. The U.S. fertility rate fell to another record low in 2012, with 63.0 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s down slightly from the previous low of 63.2 in 2011. It marked the fifth year in a row the U.S. birth rate has declined, and the lowest rate on record since the government started tracking the fertility rate in 1909.
  2. For five years now, America’s teen birth rate has plummeted at an unprecedented rate, falling faster and faster. Between 2007 and 2013, the number of babies born to teens annually fell by 38.4 percent, according to research firm Demographic Intelligence. This drop occurred in tandem with steep declines in the abortion rate.
  3. A few years ago, statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of women having difficulty conceiving at approximately 10 percent—roughly 1 in 10. Now, using results from this newest survey [reported in 2013], that number appears to be closer to 16 percent—1 in every 6 couples. (Full Article.)
Add to this the growing list of states that are legalizing same-sex marriages adding more couples unable to conceive children, and it is easy to see that the adoption business is growing due to increased demand.

Many reports have been published documenting how children who are wards of the State are taking many more prescription drugs than those living with their families. Foster parents or parents of adopted children are often required to administer these drugs whether they agree or not. The medical institution also has the legal right to use these children in drug experiments.



The adoption business is a multi-billion dollar business. For more information, see:

Child Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Lucrative U.S. Business Funded by Taxpayers

Other Motivations for State-sponsored Kidnapping of Children

There are other more terrible reasons why children are removed from parents and put into the foster care system, besides just the financial motivations. They include medical drug trials where children are needed and where parents and insurance companies would not approve, and the lucrative child sex trafficking business. We will cover these topics in future articles.

The Corruption of Child Protection Services

The corruption of CPS, which is growing, has been well documented since the late 1990s. As I have mentioned, these kinds of stories of children being seized away from loving parents for simply disagreeing with a doctor, or choosing one doctor over another, are not new. They have been happening for quite a while. The only thing that is new is that local and national media are starting to bring these tragic stories to the general public.

If you search for documentation of these kinds of abuses being carried out by CPS, you will find several books that have been published:

Out of Control: Who's Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?


This book by Brenda Scott was published way back in 1994, and one of the first ones to blow the whistle on this out-of-control agency. Description from

This book of her stories is true. The deplorable and unauthorized might of Child Protective Services is capable of reaching into and destroying any home in America. No matter how innocent and happy your family may be, you are one accusation away from disaster.

Fighting CPS: Guilty Until Proven Innocent of Child Protective Services Charges


by Deborah K. Frontiera - Description from

Proving Innocence chronicles thirteen months of agony and frustration suffered by the innocent Bonilla and Frontiera families as a result of Children's Protective Services removal of young James Bonilla from his parents. Most people are not prepared to navigate the maze of sometimes senseless procedures of a government agency that has too much power. The Frontiera and Bonilla story and reports of several other cases across the country should be a wake-up call to a public unaware of how the state agencies charged with protecting the nation's children are failing. Interviews with lawyers, caseworkers, and others who work within the system, point out specific steps that should be taken to improve how these agencies work. The author issues a call to action from the public to charge all levels of government to make necessary changes in these agencies. They must protect children from abuse and neglect without persecuting innocent families.

Child Protection/Abduction Services: The Modern Mafia: Federally Financed Perjury, Fraud, Kidnapping, and Child Drugging for Profit


by Dr. Eric D. Keefer D.D. - Description from

Corruption abounds, the system created to protect, assist, and enable children and families is now their worst enemy. Bribery has been legalized. Kick-backs and pay-offs don't create conflict of interests, they they take the children from innocent families and the pay-offs with impunity. They act and take actions with no regard for the constitutions of the states or the nation. "All Men are equal before the law" was written for a reason, decided for a reason, and part of our legal system for a reason. It is time that "we the people" and the workers inside the CPS-DFCS and "Family Court" system are again...equal before the law.

Memoirs of a Baby Stealer: Lessons I've Learned as a Foster Mother


by Mary Callahan - Description from

Mary Callahan never planned on writing a book about her experiences as a foster parent. She had only one goal as a parent, to help the children in her care. But as she learned their stories, it became painfully clear that the Child Welfare System had no sincere regard for the welfare of children. Callahan realized the only way to truly help the children was to tell their stories.

Written from the unique perspective of a foster parent, Memoirs of a Baby Stealer chronicles Callahan's experiences with five foster children, shedding light on the inadequacies of the Child Welfare System in this country. As the author explains, "They are taking kids from places that aren't that bad, putting them in places that aren't that good, and completely ignoring the bond that exists between parent and child."

This is just a sampling of the titles published on the corrupt CPS agency. There are many more.

Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer

One Congresswoman who tried to take action against the corruption and abuses within the CPS back in 2007 was Nancy Schaefer from Georgia.

Nancy-Schaefer Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer talking about the Criminality of CPS, before she was found murdered in her home.

Congresswoman Schaefer lost her Senate seat in Georgia as a result of her speaking out against the corruption within CPS, but states it was something “worth losing” for standing up for the rights of parents who were having their children kidnapped by CPS. She and her husband were found murdered in their home in 2010. You can read her report on CPS from 2007 here: Below is a recorded video from before her death.

So what is the solution to this problem? Actually, it is a rather simple one.

Abolish Government Funding that Allows the Government to Usurp Parental Authority

The solution to the problem is to abolish all federal and state funding to Child Protection Services. This one simple act would solve most of the problems. States lose federal funds if they don't meet a certain quota of children placed into foster care, and if the federal funding dried up, there would be no motivation whatsoever to take children away from parents. The state agencies would cease to exist.

Some will complain that children who are legitimately abused by their parents will suffer. But as Carlos Morales clearly explains in the video above, children need to be protected from CPS and the corrupt foster care system, more than they do from their natural parents.

This abuse of power and abuse of children has gone on for far too long. While I applaud Michele Bachmann and other members of Congress for putting forth a bill to end medical experimentation on children who are wards of the State, the real problem is CPS. This agency needs to be abolished immediately, because it is CPS and the respective state agencies that are being used by the medical system to seize children and use them in drug trials.

There are already laws in place to protect children from abusive parents. CPS has no authority to arrest parents or seize children. They need to use local law enforcement, and this is currently done with no warrant, no court order, no trial.

This needs to stop! Parents deserve the same Constitutional rights in respect to their children that all other members of society enjoy. Current law enforcement agencies in place at the local level can handle complaints against bad parents the same way they do against any other criminals. And the foster care system, where there are undoubtedly many fine people, can be turned over to private agencies where corruption due to massive federal funding can be eliminated.

Until this happens, however, the U.S. will continue to be one of the most dangerous places in the world for children to live, and parents will constantly be in fear of taking their child to a doctor or health professional, for fear that they may lose their children if they disagree with someone in the powerful pharmaceutical industry, where corruption and criminal activity is also rampant.

Learn more at

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I am so relieved to see @healthimpactnews on Steemit. I've been following you on for a long time. You have great value to add here on this platform on so many subjects but especially glad to see this post as you've covered a great many angles concerning the over-reach by CPS.

I recently did a post on the new law that was passed here in the U.S. that came out of the Buchanan bill and am hoping this new law will at least prevent future abductions but am now looking at ways to be sure the CPS agencies and the family courts actually "received the memo" on the new law.

Also thinking about all those children and families living in fear that have already had their children taken and how can we expedite the process for them being returned home.

It takes a while to get noticed here on the Steemit platform so I'm going to send out a message that you are here now.

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Thanks Vickie. Are you talking about the Family First Act passed on Feb. 9th as part of the spending bill? Richard Wexler of the National Coalition for Child Protection and Reform has a good commentary on this: "Don’t Believe the Hype: The Family First Act is a Step Backwards for Child Welfare Finance Reform" -

It's is certainly good to see these tragic stories told here on Steemit!!
I'm grateful for you and @familyprotection for giving these issues a voice on the Steemit Blockchain!!

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Welcome to steemitand the @familyprotection community! You might get better results and upvotes if you do an introductory post and tag it "introduce yourself." Also it appears most of your articles appear to be all copy and paste. Maybe put a few of these in your own words with link to the articles. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection. Mahalo and best wishes for your success her at steemit-com.

Thanks for the feedback. We are still evaluating Steem to see if it is a good platform for us or not. We did not get a very favorable welcome from the @familyprotection community as you can probably see from the comments here.

Questioning your identity is understandable at least as far as I am concerned. I sincerely believe that if you get things worked out with Mark and Linda, you will really enjoy this platform.. There are some amazing and talented people from all around the world . We do get a lot of impostors here. My suggestion, let this community see who you are as a person by writing some original posts on things that you can have fun with...and things you feel personally passionate about. Also, instead of duplicating new articles..Just add the title and a link with a brief summary of what the article is about and add your own "personal" comments. This is a social media site but steemit does now allow spam or plagerisim. Thus we don't have to deal with ads, etc. Steemit is still in it's early stages so it has nowhere to go but up. If you wish to make personal crypto without having to invest a lot, then kiss and make up and put a bit of faith in this platform, steemit and @familyprotection. As for soliciting $, these guys earn every penny they make on their personal accounts as they are working 24/7. They also donate a lot of their earnings back to the @familyprotection fund. I support them 100% and donate 40% of all my post to @familyprotection without hesitation. I worked as a Juvy Officer for over 10 years and have seen first hand how CPS affects these kids lives. To me, just creating an awareness of their corruption and greed all around the world is enough for me. However, I do know that the funds are being held until this community decides what to do with the funds. This platform was actually built to help people escape all corrupt government regulations and control of "our money." It's like anything else, unless you believe in what the blockchain is doing, you will never be a success here. These are real people and most prefer to remain autonomous and I personally honor that. @markwhitman has put his whole family in jeopardy by revealing his true identity and for that I respect him 100%. He does play the devil's advocate for good reason so please lighten up on these guys!! If you wish to know more about me personally..check out my active posts AT #thethreehugs and you can see more on my facebook page under "Ann McLemore." I followed you so if you guys are able to make peace, I will definitely consider resteeming some of your posts. Again...HAVE SOME FUN WITH STEEMIT!!!

I'm not going to keep defending ourselves here, but we had a link to our website from the start where anyone could have emailed us to confirm our identity. Yes, just as "Questioning your identity is understandable" so is asking honest questions about a group "protecting families" that solicits funds from others. They should welcome such questions instead of attacking newcomers. Steemit is not the only place where people are involved in helping families and fighting this issue.

Well then, I guess this is not the place for you. Good luck.

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BTW have you considered adding some of the @familyprotection articles on Medical Kidnap? Add a few and then post the links on medicalkidnap with an explanation..You should get great results from doing this in our community.

We are very open to that. People can contact us if they want their stories/articles published, and we have made that offer directly to a couple of people so far.

EDIT: This account has now been verified as the actual Health Impact News account.
(original comment below)
We do not believe that this is the real Health Impact News. If you are real, then please mention on your official website or Facebook page that you have joined Steemit, and link it here.
Until then, this post will be flagged. You have seven days to provide proof. If you do, I will unflag this post.

The official website is in our profile, unlike your profile, which has NO external link. Who are you? What is YOUR website? Who is "we"? What is your basis for not believing this is the real Health Impact News? How does pasting in here the link to our website and Facebook Page prove anything? We just joined Steemit yesterday and are still learning about, so we will not be posting anything to our Website or Facebook page about joining Steemit until we learn more, and learn why someone like you can censor us, when we cannot even identify who you are. Maybe you work with CPS agencies and find us a threat to exposing you??

hi @healthimpactnews. I'm sorry you are finding this process difficult. Please trust me that FP are exactly who they say they are, and are doing their best to keep the posts honest and factual. FP have been dealing with several issues lately which has meant that they are requesting some proof from certain cases, especially new users. Therefore, PLEASE trust this process and once you have established who you are, everything will be resolved and these flags removed.. then you can connect with FP and get their support..

If content can be flagged by single person and subsequently be hidden then I believe that algorithm needs to be reviewed.

She wants to see us post something to our website or Facebook Page? Ok. Let's find out who LindaCanadianCoconut really is, and why she is soliciting funds for the supposed "protection" of children. We will comply with her request.

There are lots of people who come onto Steemit pretending to be someone that they are not. I am trying to protect the real Health Impact news, who I have a LOT of respect for. But your [email protected] history is dubious.
The first account that you followed was me, and then you followed @familyprotection.

I am constantly dealing with people chasing my vote. Lots of people are posting using the #familyprotection tag trying to get my vote, who do not truly care about this important issue.

Besides all of that, anyone who is posting work from other websites, and claiming to be that person, have always been required by Steemit to prove who they are. Steemit is set up to not tolerate imposters or plagiarism.

The appropriate action would have been to contact us OFF of Steemit to verify, as someone else just emailed us. We have been active in this subject field for years, and know most of the major players, but we do NOT know YOU! So now you need to verify to us who you really are, because the way you have gone about doing this is very concerning.

I truly am sorry.
It wasn't long ago that I reached out to Health Nut News, because someone here was claiming to be Erin and kept arguing with me about why they would not verify themselves. When I messaged her, she said that it was NOT her.

I jumped the gun this time.
All the flags have been removed now.

you are welcome. Again, I am truly sorry.

Please contact us at either the Health Impact News contact form, or the contact form and identify yourself.

You may message me on Discord under canadian.coconut
I will NOT reveal my real name, as I have small children to protect. I know that you want to protect children just like I do, so please stop with these demands to identify myself.

I have been blogging on Steemit for 1.5 years. You are free to read my whole history on my blog -- @canadian-coconut

@markwhittam recently started @familyprotection, and invited me to assist him.
@familyprotection is a "community" on Steemit, and it is the community format to ask people to donate a portion of the upvoted Steem funds they receive from community upvotes back to that community.
SO -- as long as the people in our Steemit community are willing to donate from their posts that were nicely rewarded thanks to our community, that is ALL that matters. Your concerns are misplaced. We are responsible to our community members, and as a community we have discussed issues around the funds before.

Again, I am truly sorry that I jumped the gun by assuming that you were not true representatives of Health Impact News. I hope that you can forgive me and we can move on and work together.

// Linda (canadian-coconut)

(sorry, meant to post from my own account.)

I'm happy to see the flags have been removed, and FP know who you are now. Sorry if this wasn't handled in the way you would have liked it, it is a hard job curating FP posts, and sometimes mistakes happen. I'm happy this one was resolved quickly and earnestly! Im sure FP want nothing more than to support the real healthimpactnews!

Very easy to verify, you can reach them at [email protected]

it has been done, and verified.. drama is over.. please understand FP are doing their best to perform their due diligence. The flags were temporary! thanks!

No, the drama is NOT over. We still do not your identities, and if you solicit donations for a cause as you are doing, there has to be transparency. So unless you contact us immediately via our website contact form, we are going to proceed with exposing you to the greater REAL child protection community.

So, did you ever talk to @markwhittam?

Im sure you will hear from Mark today. For now here is a link to the familyprotection openledger account.

You can see all funds here, and all transfers and rewards are very transparent and shown on the family protection account

I hope this helps for now.

i understand your scepticism. WE deal with the very same fears that you do.. Please be patient and im sure FP will privately put your concerns to rest..

my identity is VERY transparent on Steemit! please feel free to start by checking me out on google

linda can direct you to view their open-ledger account where you can see all the FP funds in the most transparent way possible! PLease be patient now, thank you!