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RE: Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today

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The official website is in our profile, unlike your profile, which has NO external link. Who are you? What is YOUR website? Who is "we"? What is your basis for not believing this is the real Health Impact News? How does pasting in here the link to our website and Facebook Page prove anything? We just joined Steemit yesterday and are still learning about, so we will not be posting anything to our Website or Facebook page about joining Steemit until we learn more, and learn why someone like you can censor us, when we cannot even identify who you are. Maybe you work with CPS agencies and find us a threat to exposing you??


hi @healthimpactnews. I'm sorry you are finding this process difficult. Please trust me that FP are exactly who they say they are, and are doing their best to keep the posts honest and factual. FP have been dealing with several issues lately which has meant that they are requesting some proof from certain cases, especially new users. Therefore, PLEASE trust this process and once you have established who you are, everything will be resolved and these flags removed.. then you can connect with FP and get their support..

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