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We all know that the suffering of the disappearance of a loved one are many emotions that seize us, we do not even know how to behave or many times we forgot what was our reaction at that time, this in itself generates many questions that psychologists try to channel and anticipate these expressions full of anxiety to provide tools to the population that is subjected to these stressful situations, in this post I intend to explain which are the most common, in order to provide additional information to the forum that took place in the #projectmilkbox hand.

Among the most common reactions we have anxiety, it is there where the reactions are executed based on emotional peaks, that is, in sadness, where on many occasions if this is prolonged depressive symptoms can develop, having insomnia as traits, lack of appetite, emotional lability, neglect of daily activities, you can even get to omit personal hygiene.

On the other hand, an outbreak can also take place, just this happens when the relatives of the victims perform actions such as plucking their hair, hitting themselves hard, or hitting objects until they break them, having an uncontrollable cry, screaming in a very loud tone, in many opportunities here is the implementation of a sedative to minimize such levels of stress, when we stabilize the person, we will ask about his reaction and he will have no idea what happened, in psychology this is called derealization. Simply the human being has no emotional tools to cope with these demands, this reaction is totally normal.

When a loved one has long disappeared and there is no precise information about their whereabouts or their integrity, despair occurs in their loved ones, this is about that feeling that overwhelms them, and they realize that there is little they can do do to be able to bring that situation to its conclusion, despite this, there still reigns that small possibility of finding it safe, of being with him again.

Questions that arise

Some users of the web have certain questions regarding who suffers the greatest consequences when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of a family member, this is very simple, it does not depend on the age or the role that it occupies, it is indifferent if it is an infant or adult, also if this individual is a son, father, grandfather or brother, human beings by nature develop bonds and with this emotional approaches, we are not prepared to detach ourselves from a person who is part of our loved ones.

What can we do

In the previous forum I talked a little about psychological first aid and it is ideal that this tool is applied right after having experienced the traumatic event, and the first task we must consider is to provide a safe place for the person and calmly that an ideone communication with the social network can be established, by doing this we are already developing a communication channel so that the victim feels supported and accompanied.

It is very important to remember that we should not promise actions that we will not fulfill, in this case as we are facing someone who governs the hopelessness, the most likely is that whoever provides help wants to promise something additional such as finding the loved one or taking it with He, this we must omit. On the other hand, we will give you the information you need in its entirety, excluding infants, to them we will only provide you with the information they can digest.

It is true that for more emotional education that a person receives, will never be prepared for an event like this, however we are always available professionals to help, either at the time where it is raised with psychological first aid or later in the syndrome post-traumatic that this can generate.

Psychologist Marynés Palma


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