My first case as a psychologist in the social service ⚠️⚠️

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My first case as a psychologist in the social service

Yesterday, after eight days of starting to work in the social service of my country, I continued without a computer, so I decided to take some physical files and contact the parents of the infants, to then initiate the process of psychological evaluation, therapy and monitoring both infants, parents, representatives and tutors, can confirm that there are not many printed medical records, a large proportion are in the computer CPU that even my boss or maintenance personnel has not placed in their site to be able to have access to all the necessary information.

In principle, I want to share with you that reading this clinical case gives me considerable sadness, because the same institution puts out time to not attend to them or leave them waiting, they simply do not care that each time that passes can aggravate the situation for a child and have greater consequences of the that already suffers, although since December of the previous year there was no psychologist, that is to say all the cases that await evaluations to close a process of custody fight, return of children to home with their family, assignment of substitute families, entrance or exit of shelters , all the above mentioned is not done from the date specified, and I repeat, it does not seem to matter.

My first patient is 5 years old and is female, the girl is referred to social service because in class her teacher noticed that she stopped interacting with children, cried easily and did not want to go to the bathroom alone, nor be in places without the company of adults, when the case enters the CPS, only perform a socioeconomic interview, by the social worker of the institution, that is what I could find in your file, in this interview only information about that area and it is notorious that the girl lives in a precarious home, her father does not work, only her mother, so when she returns from school it is with the one with whom she is at home. So start the evaluation and talk with the little one.

When I finally manage to gain her trust and get close to her, the girl says the following thing: "My dad puts my pants up and puts his fingers in, he does it when my mother is in the kitchen but when he comes he quickly removes them" then adds "I only I cry because it hurts and I want to run away ", when she started talking to me about this, she emphasized that her father constantly does this, every day and tells her that if she tells her mother to hit her and punish her, the girl when she verbalizes this fills her face of tears, really feels helpless and does not know who to turn to.

allow the girl to continue feeding the closeness to make free drawings and clearly to take it as an evaluative tool, the girl makes the illustrations highlighted the genitals and making transparencies in the clothes of the puppets she draws, this in psychology is a clear symptom of abuse sexual, you can also notice in her drawings the sadness that overwhelms her and the feelings of loneliness, when she finishes drawing, she tells me that she does not want to be with her father, that she does not want to go home.

For being the first time that the girl comes to the service I can not do much about psychological treatment, what is sure is that it is necessary to remove the girl from home, within the institution there are lawyers who are responsible for implementing measures In situations like this, after finishing with the girl, I left the office to share the information acquired with the corresponding staff, since it is urgent that the appropriate measures be taken, only talk to the lawyer who handles the trials and the director, both were worried, but the report that gave them to run the measure stayed at his desk and did absolutely no more.

This is considerably sad since there is not much I can do, my work unfortunately has only limited writing a psychological report with the observed through an evaluation, but I can not decide the measures that will be implemented for the integrity of an infant, This girl deserves to be in a place where she feels safe and I still have faith or at least I want to believe that this will be achieved by the end of the week, this girl has many emotional repercussions, the truth is that it becomes very difficult to approach her since she looks towards the floor and not the face of the speaker, does not allow you to approach it or have physical contact.

Working in this institution you take many surprises, the truth still I do not get out of the astonishment of the cold way with which the cases of the urgent children are treated, that deserve to be protected, here the people do not care about anything of that, they pass all day chatting in their offices instead of attending, now I know because when I read their posts they said that nobody had given them the legal file of the case to know what they were accused of and why they took their children, because the children who are in shelters do not let you see, I know because every time you say ask for information the CPS denies them and the truth is that many times those cases have not yet been processed by those who must, in the corresponding departments and quick trials are carried out simply because the nation forces them to include absurd charges, from there to deny access to information.

I can not reveal the name of the girl for safety and also for professional ethics but, most likely, this girl will become an adult after suffering so many abuses, after being left for months on the waiting list, after asking for help Shout and nobody help you.

I will continue to give a voice to these little ones that no one listens to and will continue to share the rewards with you #familyprotection


This is sickening!!!! No one deserves that. I can’t stop thinking about those kid. Is there anyway that we can help her? ofcourse there is. can we write someone in authority to take action on this case?

to the authority in charge within the CPS is my boss, precisely the name in the post is responsible for taking legal action in situations like these, I am still waiting for what will be done to give security to this girl

What do these people need so that they'll act and Protect that poor girl?
It was evident that the kid, the girl was abused.

Thank you @marynes5! I hope you'll never lose the fire in you.

I hope and pray it will not take much longer. I know it wouldn't take longer if it was their daughter. thank you @marynes5. I don't know what you're risking here, but I'm sure its big. thank you for having the courage.

Aunque escribiendo en ingles eres realmente buena no deberías descuidar a la comunidad hispana, tienes muy buen material que compartir y siendo una excelente profesional en terapias deberías hacérselo llegar también a las personas que hablan español, saludos

Gracias por tus sugerencias, de hecho tengo un proyecto para hacer una canal de dTube con sugerencias psicologicas, vere que tal

Eso! porfa avisame cuando lo hagas me encantará verlo!

Amigo, ya me he arriesgado a subir mi primer video en español, espero que le eches un vistazo y sobre todo lo disfrutes

Te acabe de dejar un comentario en mi anterior publicación! Cuenta conmigo!

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one more time thanks friend

You are welcome.

Thanks for sharing your first hand account. It's very eye-opening.