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The more research I do the more I question the efficacy of CPS, unless of course, the purpose is to destroy families. Clearly there is some need for an agency to see that children aren't abused, but the focus of CPS has shifted away from places where abuse is manifest to focus on middle America where it is rare. In large metropolitan centers where there is a concentration of people, often as young as 14 or 15 years old having children, there is a need... and I don't mean this as a criticism of anybody, individually or as a demographic group. The point is that when you have people unprepared for parenthood having the preponderance of children, it's a recipe for disaster and abuse. The biggest problem inherent in CPS is that the focus has shifted away from problem centers and is now being used as a political tool.

I know I seem to harp on the Children's Defense Fund, but not only is it emblematic of the problem it is at the root. The organization itself was begun and is comprised mainly of leftovers from the Civil Rights/Anti-war activists of the 1960's... basically professional activists who change their rhetoric to fit the cause while their ideology and intentions remain the same- and no cause touches Americans like children. Just the mention of children in trouble has America reaching for its collective checkbook. Images of children at risk, either from hunger, poverty, or abuse flood the television (usually at dinner time) in the old crisis, reaction, solution tradition.

These professional advocates have done very well for themselves, playing on America's love for children while the children themselves seem to have benefited little from the efforts. Being conspiratorially minded, I find it very suspicious that CPS and the CDF were founded at the same time in 1973. A brief look at the CDF's history makes it clear how it works. Founded by Civil Rights activist Marion Wright Edelman, the CDF is one of the best funded lobbying groups in Washington DC. Edelman herself has gotten very rich from her efforts while child poverty has risen (and abuse in the inner city along with it). She was replaced by Hillary Clinton as Chairman who was the Chair of the National Lawyers Guild at the same time- a front for the American Communist Party. Mrs. Clinton's foundation still uses children to raise funds while less than 1% actually goes to any charitable acts. Clinton was replaced by Donna Shalala who stepped down to assume the directorship of Health and Human Services for the Clinton White House, the oversight agency for CPS nationwide. Similar to the FDA, which oversees the approval of vaccines and medicine and is comprised from execs from Big Pharma, HHS and CPS enjoy the same revolving door.

Here's a look at how CPS currently works... In an article I read recently, a woman in Michigan was arrested for refusing to have her son vaccinated. Her objection was religious- she objected to inoculating her son with a serum that contained cells from aborted babies. The woman was jailed (I believe her husband was overseas in the Military) and naturally CPS stepped in and took her son. This is only one of many similar stories where CPS is used to silence dissent to the statist ideology by breaking up loving nuclear families instead of concentrating on urban areas where rampant child abuse and neglect persist... of course that would be politically incorrect.

As I stated at the beginning, there clearly needs to be an agency that protects children from abuse. However when the agency becomes a club for ideologues to beat families into submission- who will protect America's families?

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I dont believe in coincidences. I am reading this article after spending the morning in court, after a year long case on some bullshit, finally getting my case closed and these fuckers out of my life forever. The first priority of any agency or institution is its own existence. The more kids that they remove from homes ,the more of a "need" that they create for their department. CPS DCF of whatever it is in your state is a product of 8 years of left liberal democrats that believe the government should control every aspect of our lives. They historically grove government bureaucracy and agencies like this and give their useless voting base useless jobs in these useless partisan cesspools. CPS or DCF in turn creates a need for its other government funded organization cronies by forcing people to substance abuse classes whether they have a history or not, parenting classes taught by people with no kids or experience and all kinds of other self important organizations that have no real purpose except excuses to require more government spending which requires more taxes and more of the populations wealth and freedom. Yes there is a need for a very small operation to deal with people that really just shouldnt be parents but that is not what the Obama administration had in mind for these groups even at the state level. Look at how he filled the FBI CIA DOJ and everything else with the most politically partisan and biased hacks they could find . Now those a holes are using their public positions of power t to undermine the democratically elected government in what is a modern day attempted coup d etat. I know i went off the rails a little bit but , understand that it all comes from the same people with the same elitist ideas and hunger for power and control over the public and the government. we need to vote in the right people that will downsize the government and eliminate all of these unnecessary and overbearing agencies services organizations and the hacks that run them . Great piece Richq11.

Yes!!! Exactly... I've been writing for years that institutions (of every kind) have 2 flaws built in. First they become self-serving out of necessity and they are inevitable taken over by their worst element. This started before Obama, it just seems that he perfected it. Thank God Killary didn't get elected. I don't know about Trump yet but I can say one thing for him... He isn't Hillary!!!

We are obviously on the same page Rich. If Hillary got elected the corruption would have grown exponentially. None of the Fusion GPS, Uranium One, DoJ and FBI partisan bias and corruption and all the sexual assault charges would never have come to light. Trump isnt perfect but I believe he is exactly what this country needs right now. He is pulling us back from the ledge but he cant do it alone. He need congress and the courts to help. We need to vote in like minded people that care more about the future of the country than their personal wealth and power. Anyone spending millions of dollars for a 200k a year job has got to be suspect in the first place. Great posts Rich. you got me fired up with this one.

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It is sad to hear yet another story of how they have terrorized a loving family. We are so sorry that this has happened to you. People need to be made aware of how they operate to destroy children and families.

Thank you for inviting me to do that @familyprotection. You can guarantee that there will be posts coming from me under this tag in the very near future. CPS named like any other government operation to confuse and abuse people. They name things to sound good and positive knowing that the public is too lazy to really research it. I site examples like The Fed. Nothing federal about it, its a private bank the gov cant even audit. Planned parenthood is probably the best example. Planned parenthood only really does abortions for unplanned pregnancies. They wont even give prenatal vitamins. Net neutrality is a current topic that is the exact opposite of its title. Net neutrality gives disproportionate power to the data commm giants over the little guys. Child protection services ends up hurting kids more when they remove the child from a loving family or parent and places them with strangers that foster kids just for the check and traumatize the child causing a need for years of therapy from state funded mental services continuing the cycle of unnecessary government agencies cashing in on the the rails i go again.... I will post my CPS/DCF experiences soon. Thank you

People are aware the problem is the way society has been molded no one cares about each other anymore or they think it is none of my business so i will just let it happen. Anything that happens to defenseless children is my business your business and anyone's business if they are moral.

I just posted my story of my experience with DCF. Here is the link to find it easier. Thanks for this tag. writing this story and getting it out was theraputic. These a holes put me through so much and ive never really put it all together at once

Clearly there is some need for an agency to see that children aren't abused
how well has that worked out so far?

Not well at all, it’s far beyond what parents envisaged in all negatives.

pretty typical of almost anything government involves itself in?

You are right, pretty typical. The effects of this system is much much higher in pure devious practices

I also note that there is need for people to protect children, but that agencies are not people.

We don't need agencies, we need people working together.


I'm thinking something non-governmental (no libturds and money grubbing shysters) maybe a religious organization.

I almost hate to point this out, but religious organizations haven't a better record of protecting children than CPS.

My take away from history is that people themselves, even those who are religious, can work together without statist force, to help children.

While even families can be vectors for abuse, as you have experienced, they are the least likely vector for abuse, and families working together with their peers can probably best help themselves to protect their children.

I'd be opposed to creating institutions such as those run by church or state, or empowering those presently extant, to be more involved in protecting children.

It's Cultural Marxists... they've infiltrated all facets of society, governmental and non!

we have that in FL, its called Lutheran Services, They're just as bad as the rest but they are the product of a broken system. We need a reboot

It's Cultural Marxists... they've infiltrated all facets of society, governmental and non!

people expecting the government to solve these problems do not realize that they are inviting more problems than solutions. It is a known fact that the government cant do anything efficiently or effectively (except war and extermination). This is a generational systemic problem that wasnt created overnight and wont be fixed overnight. The systematic attack on morals ethics and the family unit by the left is at the root of this. They have highjacked the education system and created an indoctrination system out of it. For anyone that doesnt understand what im saying or doesnt believe it must read "Behold a Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper, aka Bill Cooper. A former naval intelligence officer murdered because of the truths he was enlightening the american people with. He talks about how the designed attacks started in the black communities by dismantling the family units and spreading to all communities eventually. If you open your mind to listen to what he says and then take an honest look at hoe this country has degraded over the last fourty years, it makes too much sense. we need to take back our schools, government and lives and these problems will be eliminated over time by education, ethics, morals , family and love, Everything they are trying to take from us.

If there was a non violent solution possible I'd be all for it. But these people have brainwashed generations through the school system and they will not change their minds... I'm afraid Mao was right here- Politics comes from the barrel of a gun!

I have been talking about this @stay-in-the-gray how the government tries to solve problems with more problems. The things they offer may look good on the surface but there are always strings attached and always a possibility that things will get worse than better. My mother in law has been telling us to read that book for the longest. She said there are things in there that are will shock the mess out of us. I still plan to read it. One of the reasons we chose to homeschool was because of the indoctrination in public schools. Sadly as @richq11 has stated so many generations have been brainwashed and most people look at you crazy when you talk about homeschooling or breaking away from the public schools. There is so much trust and confidence in these systems and people don’t even realize how corrupt they are.

No one that's the idea the family in America has been under attack for years that's why America is in the state it is. No or broken families create the society we have today where no one cares about anyone but themselves along with no one helping anyone but themselves. The sexual harassment scene is only the surface the abuse is far and deep and i hate to say it but this also goes along with teaching our children they can choose a gender. That is wrong and produces depressed borderline psychotic adults. Look at drug use and prescription drug use do you think those numbers have nothing to do with society and what we teach or allow our children to do? They are in our care for a reason they are not mature enough to get a job and support themselves yet society has led them to believe they are old enough to decide what sex they should or shouldn't be or what sex they will be attracted to this is border line pedophilia and no one says a word because they might be persecuted well I don't care and I will not be quiet and let our children be subjected to this evil.

Also I don't advocate violence or hate just my opinion just as all the pedophiles and homosexuals do but anytime you oppose them its hate speech and isn't allowed. Give me a break its just a tool to hide behind so that they cannot be opposed and no one will try to oppose them!

If you knew my story you might advocate violence and pedophiles and homosexuals are one and the same! Not all pedos are homosexual, but all homosexuals are pedophiles!

I think even some homosexuals aren't pedophiles. Bottoms that like bears, for example.

Imma go wash out my mouth with soap, now. I'm grossed out...

Exactly right... when there were still strong families there was no need for government intervention. The black community is a prime example- before LBJ's "Great Society" black families were the most tight knit in America, something to be emulated. Now with no-fault divorce and the whole social welfare system families, black and white alike are going the way of the dinosaur. It's all a part of a much larger plan to force Cultural Marxism on America and with it a global government!

dead on man, and it was all planned to work out like this a long time ago, Im tellin ya, just read , or listen to , the first three or four chapters of "Behold a Pale Horse" by Bill Cooper, If it doesnt open your eyes to the bigger picture of whats being done , by whom and why, I will close my steemit account

Bill is one of the good guys, I've seen a bunch of his stuff on YT. I've been familiar with his work for over 10 years... he was murdered!

if more people really studied history ,not the shit in school books but the real stuff, it would so much easier for them to see how we got to where we are now. the left hijacked education therefore controlling the narrative and covering up all their evil deeds through time.

Agreed people are so complacent and happy to sit in front of the tv or a nfl game or whatever keeps them from noticing the government stealing our lives right in front of the whole world. And they want to protest and cry about there rights the people who died so we all could be free would destroy the America we live in today!

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Unfuriating! These gutless criminals shall have to answer for their crimes.

BTW, isn't that interesting that the usurpers in government call any unwanted department a 'Service"? Internal Revenue, Child Protection.

Criminal trash.

Well it is a service... they serve Mammon!

good work @richq11
thank you for sharing

They are a bunch of evil crooks who obviously don't give a damn about the children! :)

mostly children are abused in asia i see with my eyes not only ead or watching tv shows i see in reall but i think there are not any NGO or other some to sotp it why @richq11... alsoi see there is no care for children from thier famlies

It's a worldwide phenomenon... I write about it in America. Asia is a tragic place where children are commonly trafficked for sex (some sold by their own parents). Africa too but children there are forced into slavery ot as child soldiers... It's heartbreaking- I wish I had the answers. maybe if enough people talk about the problem, somebody much smarter than me will come up with a solution!

Poverty, created by those concentrating the wealth of the poor into their own wallets, is the primary cause of both large families, and inability to provide care for their families.

Reduce relative poverty, and you will reduce harm to children.

No CPS required.

someone who makes $250,000 a year is 'relatively' impoverished compared to a billionaire.

Yes, and yet they are also yet more relatively wealthy compared to someone making $2500/yr, as after a point, the difference between the super rich and the quite comfortable is effectively less than the quite well off and the desperately poor.

Even so, it is relative disparity in wealth, not prevalence of poverty itself, that most drives violent crime.

I don't think so.

Why not? GINI correlates to violent crime at a higher rate than any other variable, as high as 90%.

correlation is not causation.

Reason suggests that in this matter the influence of wealth disparity is causative, due to the nature of intraspecific competition in H. sapiens.

Good writing dear @richq11.
I like to read your post and I enjoy your post. You can write well.

Taking away children from parents due to religious reasons is extremely rare. I know many CPS workers and they really do their best to keep families in tact because usually a crappy parent is better than a random foster parent. CPS also does a lot more than just abuse cases, I can only speak for NY CPS workers, however, I promise there is much more good done through this orgranization than bad

Its people who walk around believing that because you know one person who doesn't abuse there power that the whole organization is to be commended. Strong families and a moral society alleviate the need for CPS. So with our society more immoral than ever yes there is a need to make people take care of there children but the answer is not to cover up the problem with CPS its to fix the problem.

please do tell me how our society is now immoral than ever

Gay marriage the mass outbreak of sexual harassment blasphemy more pornography sites on the internet than the amount of people who looked at porn 80 years ago. Need I say more?

Terrorism which is killing people just to insight terror not like most wars in the past.

Do you own a television or have kids?

Because if you dont I dont understand why your trolling on a page about protecting children and second your part of the problem if you do. You are telling me you cant see how immoral society is. Do you look at statistics or understand what they are look at drug use domestic abuse and most things most people unlike you consider immoral. YES the world is more immoral than ever do you live under a rock?

most people dont consider gay marriage or porn immoral (if this werent true then it wouldnt be the most googled item) jtlyk also crime rates have been declining steadily since the 90s

you are simply conflating things you dislike with things that are immoral and btw terrorists are only slightly more effective at killing than law mowers; lawn mowers kill 20,000/yr while terrorists claim 35,000

Lol where did you get those figures a cracker jack box?

pewresearch and feel free to google them

I am glad you only responded to the things that you do not find immoral. And if porn was moral it would be ok to go to work without clothes. Give me a break my opinion has nothing to do with society and how blind, ignorant, and evil most people are. It is in our nature we were created not to be perfect. The false idea that you can be perfect or anything you want is and will continue to have massive consequences that are leading you and most people on this world astray. How old are you maybe 20 and gay I assume I am a child of the Lord not of satan. I could never ask you to or even make you understand my opinion or view point. It takes truth to see it not just in yourself but in the reality of the fallen world we live in. I will pray for you and I do not expect you to understand you never will until you find what truth is and no man can give it to you.

Domestic abuse has unquestionably decreased since the beginning of time, years ago it wasnt seen as a problem it was just how you disciplined your wife. drug abuse has always been a problem, look at the chinese opium epidemic.

Your argument about clothes is silly. You claim that if it porn was moral then nobody would wear clothes. Why would that be the case? there are plenty of practical reasons to wear clothes to work 1) hygiene 2) modesty 3)fashion

I am not gay tough i see nothing wrong with being gay.

Is there anything else i'm missing?

You do not consider gay marriage or porn immoral. Just because people privately look at porn does not mean it is not immoral.

Since i believe there is nothing wrong with it the burden is on you to tell my what you do think porn is immoral.

What I do think porn is immoral? Do you mean what do I think is immoral about porn. A lot first off if there was no porn period there would also be no child porn are you going to tell me your ok with child porn next? Also if it was moral no age limit would be required to view or make it. Same with alcohol and tobacco.

Her objection to the vaccine was religious- they took her son because she refused to have him vaccinated.

I know, I said that such a thing is rare.

uh...not so rare.
I know a guy who is bedridden and out of work cause he has cancer.
Child Service is threatening to take their child .

oh and cancer is somehow religious?

also I have a difficult time believing that... it is much more likely in NY that if you cannot take care of housely duties due to illness you will be given aids to help out, thus making it easier for the parent to care for their child

The argument from incredulity is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone decides that something did not happen, because they cannot personally understand how it could happen.

Im not claiming it didnt happen. I am saying that I find it unlikely do to my own eexperiences.

reading comprehension is a thing.

btw 2 cases of religious persecution seems like grounds for calling it rare.

two cases that we KNOW of.

in the whole world 2 cases would be considered rare

My own experiences with CPS directly contradict your assertions. I heartily recommend looking at what happened to Masha, the infamous Siberian Mouse, in the hands of CPS after being rescued from abusive pedophiles.

CPS is a horror show, that is infested with people intent on taking advantage of kids through gaining the power of government over them - the power of force. While some people who intend do help also try to use the extant means of helping children, in a world possessed by governmental monopoly, the deliberate and machiavellian tactics of networks of abusers is simply far beyond their ability to reckon with.

CPS's own statistics reveal that at least a third of kids drawn into their control are abused in that system. I submit they dramatically conceal the actual truth. Every single kid I ever knew who had been in foster care was abused.

You may be, or know, someone whose intent is benign. Your anecdotal experience isn't statistical, it isn't scientific. Look beyond your personal experience to data, and you will have to acknowledge the reality - CPS is intended to serve a market for children to abuse.

It is the primary purveyor of children to abusive parties.

Families are the most protective institution extant.

i will not touch on foster homes, that is not my intent and not my knowledge base. What I have been saying from the beginning is that taking children away is an extremely small amount of what CPS workers do. Secondly, I fail to see how it is the fault of CPS workers taking away children when the real problem seems to be those who foster children.

And this is exactly why it is American whites whom the UN says should pay reparations for slavery, even though it was Africans who enslaved, and sold, most slaves that ended up in America in the 18th century.

The CPS serves exactly the same role as gangs of slavers did in Africa. It provides product to the market. This doesn't absolve the market.

But it sure as hell doesn't absolve the CPS either.

I can find no evidence of the UN claiming this. Whom sold salves is important, does this mean we should disregard the atrocities committed for hundreds of years? The CPS is a government funded agency, they make no money by putting kids in foster care.

Literally, the first link on a search.

You're not even trying.

While government agencies make no profit from any corruption, it still goes on. Why? How? What could be the mechanism that drives corruption?

Could it be that the corrupt people in government agencies use the assets of the government to enrich themselves, rather than the agencies?

What do you think?

You're not even reading. This article talks about a group in the UN which hopes to have current economic issues which are typical in African American communities to be remedied. This is not the same as being paid reparations for slavery, not even close.

Of course governments are filled with corruption and there is plenty of money to be made. I cannot see who would profit from foster children other than the foster parents who get money.

You're right. I didn't read the article at all, and merely linked it to show that my contention that the UN is advocating reparations from white Americans to the descendents of slaves in America - as long as those slaves weren't white - was easily shown via a simple search.

You said you had no evidence of such claims.

I vehemently disagree that reparations are appropriate, so don't bother reading such drivel.

That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, which was your implication.

All I did was search for 'UN slave reparations America' and paste the first link.

There were many, many more, and I have seen other quotes from the UN that does, in fact, advocate such reparations.

You are welcome to read on down the list.

I have better and productive things to do.

Your concern is well founded- except you haven't cited any alternative support system whatsoever to solve a very real problem. And here in rural 'murkkka, age is LITERALLY not considered a problem at all with many younguns, the teen pregnancy rate, while dropping for the past generation ( just as it has in cities ), is still staggering- and we're talking 12 and 13 year olds and younger, even, with incest being a major contributor, along with caretaker abuse.
Every case of systemic abuse you care to cite will divert from hundreds of instances of children being rescued from terrible circumstances.
I know some kids are far better off being left with their pill-addicted mothers (because so many men will immediately remove themselves from any family role), because SOME of them will clean up rather than just slide in heroin addiction and complete abandonment of the rest of their lives- but most of them, NOT . What to speak of the co-dependency trip and spiral of abuse when fathers DON'T leave but DO take up a heroin habit.
I live in small-town WV, this is what we see every day here. The problems are terrible in cities, here they're catastrophic. CPS is a bad solution in many cases, where in the huge majority of situations there is NO alternative system.
Of course, we COULD just leave the kids in the car when (these are real incidents) both their parents OD, the white slavers will take care of them quite well, as foundlings are a FABULOUS ROI...

I don't think I have to point out that the dropping teen pregnancy rate is certainly not due to kids having less sex. Or that the CDF is a private 501(c)(3), and CPS is the gummint...

In fact the dropping teen pregnancy rate is due to kids having less sex. This isn't due to sex ed, or any government program.

It's caused by smartphones. Kids are having less sex, going out less, engaging in actual interpersonal interactions less, at every level, because they're on their phones.

Regarding broken families, you fail to acknowledge the reason for this: the welfare state. A poorly educated single mom in WV receives income and subsidies roughly equivalent to $50k/year today. Having spousal and child support from sacrificial sperm donors can significantly increase this.

The destruction of the family is the primary cause of child abuse, and it's being deliberately induced by the exact same forces that are promoting CPS as the solution.

End both.

Problem solved.

a planned parenthood in every ghetto in every major city giving government funded abortions might be helping to reduce the teen pregnancy rate also. The matriarch of democrats that was the driving force behind planned parenthood was one crazy bitch named Margaret Sanger. She was a racist, inspired by the Nazi eugenics program, and hated kids on top of it all. She tried to impose a sterilization program too. Her backwards ass ways are still held in high regards by the likes of Hillary and her libtard cronies. I will never understand how the black community cant see through the bullshit that the democrats throw at them just to get their vote. All they need to do is research racist quotes from LBJ to understand the founding principals of the democratic party

The teen pregnancy rate has been dropping for a long time, this has nothing to do with cellphones

While there has been a gradual decrease in every measure of gregariousness, not just teen pregnancy, since I was a kid myself, the marked impact of smartphones is astounding.

Have a read at this article. You'll be safe, it's from The Atlantic - no Breitbart quality shilling here!

Not sure what you mean by gregariousness. While I agree that smartphones are having serious impacts on our culture, I still dont think its safe to say that this is due to cellphone usage.

Interpersonal interaction, face time, people belly to belly. Gregarious people are those that interact socially more.

As TV rose, it very slowly degraded social intercourse. The rise of the internet made it worse.

Cell phones show it might be something that can just be prevented. AR is just coming on the scene, and VR is at it's heels.

It's difficult to even imagine people are going to interact more in person as our phones replace our friends and neighbors.

"...I still dont think its safe to say that this is due to cellphone usage."

Have a look at the charts on the link I pasted. It's pretty obvious. If you read the article, it discusses how phones keep us apart, and how that impacts our kids.

It's not a positive influence.