She wants to see us post something to our website or Facebook Page? Ok. Let's find out who LindaCanadianCoconut really is, and why she is soliciting funds for the supposed "protection" of children. We will comply with her request.

There are lots of people who come onto Steemit pretending to be someone that they are not. I am trying to protect the real Health Impact news, who I have a LOT of respect for. But your [email protected] history is dubious.
The first account that you followed was me, and then you followed @familyprotection.

I am constantly dealing with people chasing my vote. Lots of people are posting using the #familyprotection tag trying to get my vote, who do not truly care about this important issue.

Besides all of that, anyone who is posting work from other websites, and claiming to be that person, have always been required by Steemit to prove who they are. Steemit is set up to not tolerate imposters or plagiarism.

The appropriate action would have been to contact us OFF of Steemit to verify, as someone else just emailed us. We have been active in this subject field for years, and know most of the major players, but we do NOT know YOU! So now you need to verify to us who you really are, because the way you have gone about doing this is very concerning.

I truly am sorry.
It wasn't long ago that I reached out to Health Nut News, because someone here was claiming to be Erin and kept arguing with me about why they would not verify themselves. When I messaged her, she said that it was NOT her.

I jumped the gun this time.
All the flags have been removed now.

you are welcome. Again, I am truly sorry.

Please contact us at either the Health Impact News contact form, or the contact form and identify yourself.

You may message me on Discord under canadian.coconut
I will NOT reveal my real name, as I have small children to protect. I know that you want to protect children just like I do, so please stop with these demands to identify myself.

I have been blogging on Steemit for 1.5 years. You are free to read my whole history on my blog -- @canadian-coconut

@markwhittam recently started @familyprotection, and invited me to assist him.
@familyprotection is a "community" on Steemit, and it is the community format to ask people to donate a portion of the upvoted Steem funds they receive from community upvotes back to that community.
SO -- as long as the people in our Steemit community are willing to donate from their posts that were nicely rewarded thanks to our community, that is ALL that matters. Your concerns are misplaced. We are responsible to our community members, and as a community we have discussed issues around the funds before.

Again, I am truly sorry that I jumped the gun by assuming that you were not true representatives of Health Impact News. I hope that you can forgive me and we can move on and work together.

// Linda (canadian-coconut)

(sorry, meant to post from my own account.)

"so please stop with these demands to identify myself." Wow, talk about double standards. We went through a lengthy approval process with Steem to begin with which took about 3 weeks, and then the second day on Steem you come in and for whatever reason proclaimed to everyone you did not think we were the real Health Impact News, flagging all of our posts which basically censored them. We work with a lot hurting and suffering families, and have so for years now, and my questions about the identities of the people in this group soliciting funds to supposedly help families have not been answered satisfactorily. I totally respect someone's desire for privacy, but when you start soliciting public funds, there has to be accountability, which includes identifying the people managing those funds.

I only ever claimed to be a homeschooling mom when I joined Steemit. You claimed to be someone with a large following and well-known. Steemit rules are strict about not impersonating someone else and that is what the flag is created for.
I admit I made a gross error. I am sorry. maybe in Discord chat I can explain better why I was sure at the time I saw huge red flags. But I was wrong.

You are also seeing red flags about familyprotection and you are wrong too just like I was.
If you read the posts that Eco-alex linked to you, it should soon become clear. Perhaps you also need time to learn about Steemit as it is WAY different than other Social Media.

I do not regret accepting Mark's request to start this community. He knows my full identity and trusts me. The community knows my history and character and appreciate my support.

Please take the time to learn more.

I'm happy to see the flags have been removed, and FP know who you are now. Sorry if this wasn't handled in the way you would have liked it, it is a hard job curating FP posts, and sometimes mistakes happen. I'm happy this one was resolved quickly and earnestly! Im sure FP want nothing more than to support the real healthimpactnews!

Very easy to verify, you can reach them at [email protected]

it has been done, and verified.. drama is over.. please understand FP are doing their best to perform their due diligence. The flags were temporary! thanks!

No, the drama is NOT over. We still do not your identities, and if you solicit donations for a cause as you are doing, there has to be transparency. So unless you contact us immediately via our website contact form, we are going to proceed with exposing you to the greater REAL child protection community.

So, did you ever talk to @markwhittam?

Im sure you will hear from Mark today. For now here is a link to the familyprotection openledger account.

You can see all funds here, and all transfers and rewards are very transparent and shown on the family protection account

I hope this helps for now.

With all due respect, all this shows is where the funds are, correct? Who is managing this, is there a board of directors, a non-profit or other organization, etc. How will the funds be used? Who will make those decisions, etc.

Is this the Thanks we get for trying to help?????

We need to talk asap!!!!!!!!!!!

Call me on 0034643004865 if you have telegram we can video chat too, I want to see your face when you accuse me of any wrong doing.

please wait for Mark to get in touch to answer these questions. He and Lina set this up and can answer these questions. For now here is a little more information from one of Marks posts. I am helping them, but am not a decision maker!

i totally understand you wanting to know these details.. note that FP is not (yet) a formal organisation, or institution. It is an initiative that is just at its infancy and is totally on the blockchain, and until the time is right will remain on the blockchain. Right now there is no website etc, but i think that in the works.

ill step out now and let mark pick up with you .. i think Linda has had to sign-out for the day, so i have done my best to start this productive conversation off and not leave you dangling whilst you wait for mark to arrive. I think he's on European time right now, so he wont be around for some hours.

In answer to how the funds will be used, i believe FP are in the process of making those decisions. Mark has made quite some efforts to find out many people ideas about how best to use funding.. If you are interested here are a few posts about that.
Marks Callout Post

Some Responses

I realise this doesn't answer your question, but I hope gives you a sense of FP and where they are at right now.

More from mark soon im sure!

i understand your scepticism. WE deal with the very same fears that you do.. Please be patient and im sure FP will privately put your concerns to rest..

my identity is VERY transparent on Steemit! please feel free to start by checking me out on google

linda can direct you to view their open-ledger account where you can see all the FP funds in the most transparent way possible! PLease be patient now, thank you!

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