No family, no kids, no house - CPS are in action.

How is it possible?

It seems to us we know everything about these monsters, but every new story shows new "colours" of their anarchy.

Poverty, naivety, lack of knowledge of their own rights and laws, lack of help and advice - the unity of these reasons have led to a fatal end...

In this story CPS have double profit and double goal - kids + property! Bingo!!

When property is owned by a child (it's possible if it's inheritance, deed of gift or smth like that), then in case of taking a child away this property goes together with him! Parents have no rights for it at all!

A poor family with 2 kids (a mother is pregnant now again) was broken just for 1 day.


The mother was absent (her last relative had died and she went to the village). The father was left with 2 kids alone,and here they are with a tonn of claims!

Unschooling children, poverty of the parents,illegal work of dad a lack of care... They were guilty in everything!

But, it should be mentioned!
Homeschooling and illegal (not official) job of parents are NOT reasons for invasion into the family! That is illegal!

Kids were taken away. Now it's 6 months if parents struggle for them. Moreover, kids were transferred to a foster family together with a house that had been left by a dead relative! So now foster parents have all rights for the property! And CPS knew it for sure, and they were chasing for this "sweet pie"...

Now parents are seeking for money for a lawyer to protect them because CPS actions are out of the law. I hope soon we will see kids in their native house...

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Terrible! Is this happening in your country?

yes, Sis... juvenile system is becoming more and more powerful here

The CPS system is so broken, it breaks families than it mends and protects them. It is like a socialism system that they have and it must be reformed or vanished in the government system @taliakerch

USSR had socialism but there was no such juvenile outrage...I don't know wjat is worse..but taking kids away from parents is just hell of this life

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You told a similar story not to long ago....they both sound like a bunch of
cockamamie to me.