Expose DCFS/CPS Fraud & Misconduct by Searching your Local City or County Council Video Archives

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Kudos to Sheila Allen from L.A. County, for posting these videoe clips as a result of searching her local city and county council's meetings and Washington D.C.'s council meetings video archive for "DCFS" videos. I highly recommend we all follow suit and post these videos on steemit.com and share these videos all over the Social Media sites!

Please take the time to watch these clips and hopefully you will take some time and do your own research . Search your local city or county council's video archive for "DCFS" and "CPS" hearings.

I have also added more public testimony videos so you can see the possibility just how effective these videos could be if we all did our research and posted as many of these videos as we can find!!


Public Testimonies Exposing DCFS/CPS Fraud & Misconduct


Arizona Child Protecive Services Hearings, Murdered Tots 2007 Pt8 - Mama's Public Testimony

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Children's Protective Services: Gross Negligence and Conscious Indifference--Part 1

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Jeff Morgan


False Testimony (CPS 1)

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Motion to Dismiss


CPS in Court Cases, Everyone Should Know of this Danger. ( ASFA )

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Year of Saving Children 2017 ( Please Share )

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Your videos are very important to me, thank you very much

You are most welcome.

That is a very good idea. I recently watched that bottom video and just amazed how blatant the corruption really is. ( almost entertaining if this was not really happening) Resteemed so I'm sure I will watch the rest of the videos tonight.

Busy times these days. With your background you may be interested in recent happenings with the new CRF Division. I just posted this, it's on my blog. [Action Alert for the United States] This process may well be one that complaints of CPS abuse can be channeled outside of the more local judicial process which perhaps is in collusion with CPS ;) . They (CRF) include and stipulate clearly "agencies" that receive federal dollars.

Just following the Light! :)

Thanks for the feedback and the resteem. Checking out your post!!

Very good thing ... after learning a lot about the post .... Many good wishes for you, hopefully we will always give good gifts.

Thanks Man your post help me....

Thanks and glad it helped!

we will never cease to be impressed by this, despite having lived it, thanks for sharing it