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RE: Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today

Welcome to steemitand the @familyprotection community! You might get better results and upvotes if you do an introductory post and tag it "introduce yourself." Also it appears most of your articles appear to be all copy and paste. Maybe put a few of these in your own words with link to the articles. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection. Mahalo and best wishes for your success her at steemit-com.


Thanks for the feedback. We are still evaluating Steem to see if it is a good platform for us or not. We did not get a very favorable welcome from the @familyprotection community as you can probably see from the comments here.

Questioning your identity is understandable at least as far as I am concerned. I sincerely believe that if you get things worked out with Mark and Linda, you will really enjoy this platform.. There are some amazing and talented people from all around the world . We do get a lot of impostors here. My suggestion, let this community see who you are as a person by writing some original posts on things that you can have fun with...and things you feel personally passionate about. Also, instead of duplicating new articles..Just add the title and a link with a brief summary of what the article is about and add your own "personal" comments. This is a social media site but steemit does now allow spam or plagerisim. Thus we don't have to deal with ads, etc. Steemit is still in it's early stages so it has nowhere to go but up. If you wish to make personal crypto without having to invest a lot, then kiss and make up and put a bit of faith in this platform, steemit and @familyprotection. As for soliciting $, these guys earn every penny they make on their personal accounts as they are working 24/7. They also donate a lot of their earnings back to the @familyprotection fund. I support them 100% and donate 40% of all my post to @familyprotection without hesitation. I worked as a Juvy Officer for over 10 years and have seen first hand how CPS affects these kids lives. To me, just creating an awareness of their corruption and greed all around the world is enough for me. However, I do know that the funds are being held until this community decides what to do with the funds. This platform was actually built to help people escape all corrupt government regulations and control of "our money." It's like anything else, unless you believe in what the blockchain is doing, you will never be a success here. These are real people and most prefer to remain autonomous and I personally honor that. @markwhitman has put his whole family in jeopardy by revealing his true identity and for that I respect him 100%. He does play the devil's advocate for good reason so please lighten up on these guys!! If you wish to know more about me personally..check out my active posts AT #thethreehugs and you can see more on my facebook page under "Ann McLemore." I followed you so if you guys are able to make peace, I will definitely consider resteeming some of your posts. Again...HAVE SOME FUN WITH STEEMIT!!!

I'm not going to keep defending ourselves here, but we had a link to our website from the start where anyone could have emailed us to confirm our identity. Yes, just as "Questioning your identity is understandable" so is asking honest questions about a group "protecting families" that solicits funds from others. They should welcome such questions instead of attacking newcomers. Steemit is not the only place where people are involved in helping families and fighting this issue.

Well then, I guess this is not the place for you. Good luck.