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RE: Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today

I am so relieved to see @healthimpactnews on Steemit. I've been following you on for a long time. You have great value to add here on this platform on so many subjects but especially glad to see this post as you've covered a great many angles concerning the over-reach by CPS.

I recently did a post on the new law that was passed here in the U.S. that came out of the Buchanan bill and am hoping this new law will at least prevent future abductions but am now looking at ways to be sure the CPS agencies and the family courts actually "received the memo" on the new law.

Also thinking about all those children and families living in fear that have already had their children taken and how can we expedite the process for them being returned home.

It takes a while to get noticed here on the Steemit platform so I'm going to send out a message that you are here now.

Welcome to Steemit!


Thanks Vickie. Are you talking about the Family First Act passed on Feb. 9th as part of the spending bill? Richard Wexler of the National Coalition for Child Protection and Reform has a good commentary on this: "Don’t Believe the Hype: The Family First Act is a Step Backwards for Child Welfare Finance Reform" -