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RE: Expose DCFS/CPS Fraud & Misconduct by Searching your Local City or County Council Video Archives

That is a very good idea. I recently watched that bottom video and just amazed how blatant the corruption really is. ( almost entertaining if this was not really happening) Resteemed so I'm sure I will watch the rest of the videos tonight.

Busy times these days. With your background you may be interested in recent happenings with the new CRF Division. I just posted this, it's on my blog. [Action Alert for the United States] This process may well be one that complaints of CPS abuse can be channeled outside of the more local judicial process which perhaps is in collusion with CPS ;) . They (CRF) include and stipulate clearly "agencies" that receive federal dollars.

Just following the Light! :)


Thanks for the feedback and the resteem. Checking out your post!!

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