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RE: My live draft 10 man standard league

in #fantasyfootball3 years ago (edited)

Love the Barkley pick. I think he might finish top 3 overall in a PPR league. I also believe Rodgers has an MVP season. Freeman was also quite a steal in the 5th round, at least I think it will play out that way as I don't think anyone threatens him in Denver. Good stuff, hope to see updates throughout the season.


Yeah at the 5th spot it was the best value to me imo. It was between him or DJ but I went with Barkley just because their offense is better. Yeah I'm taking a gamble with 2 rookies I'm hoping to breakout as my 2 starters, which is why I got Ingram 1 round after that and took latavius murray just because I'm not sold on Dalvin yet.

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