Jake Kumerowz 2nd Td in 2 preaseson games

Jake Kumerowz a fourth year UDFA is really making a name for himself, both in training camp and preseason action.

After racking up three receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown in the Packers preseason opener, Kumerow tacked on another 3 catches yesterday for 114 and a touchdown. Kumerow has showed off his explosive play, with his two scores coming from 52 yards out and 82 yards out .

Not only is Jake Kumerow showing off in preseason action, but he also received praise from Aaron Rodgers during the Packers practices in training camp said, 'When you're out there, I'm coming your way,'" Rodgers said of Kumerow. "I have confidence in him. He's in the right spot all the time, he makes contested catches, finishes the right way. He practices like a pro. It's a reminder to those other guys, this is what it looks like." .

Kumerow went undrafted in 2015, before receiving some hype in the Bengals training camp in 2016 but wound up not making the team. Kumerow is really showing off, and is definitely proving himself to not only have a legitimate shot at making the Packers week one roster, but to also make an immediate impact on the Packers offense.

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This guy looks like Jordy Neloson all over again. Kids been open and making nice runs twice in two preseason games

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