I like the McCoy and AP picks. Solid team overall

McCoy in rd 5 was a huge steal, and AP was more of a Low Risk High Reward for me. I won't be losing much if he doesn't kill it. Thanks, yeah its going to be a good season.

Very solid roster. You picked a few guys that’s I am really looking forward to tracking/watching this years. I expect JG the flash to be impactful even though he hasn’t played much; he will get better as the season progresses. I think Jordy and Carr will connect fruitfully. And AP, I hope he does well and proves to be sleeper of the year. I know age and injuries is against him but he’s for another productive year left in the tank.

Best of luck this season bro.

Bro flash is like my athlete man crush. no homo. I have to have him on my roster, I had him in 2013 as a rookie in 2 leagues and won both. I even drafted him every year while he was suspended just in hope that he got reinstated lol. He had Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell just throwing the ball up to him in 2013 most of the time. With Tyrod and Bakers big arm hes going to be a stud, kids a physical speciman. AP will be behind a solid O-line with that has a decent pass game where teams won't be able to stack it. I think AP will be the started week 1. They've seen how much Semaje and Fat Rob Kelly have done, they poo. AP is still a stud. Jordy is my backup so if he goes off I have a sick bench lol. Wow i forgot how stacked I was at RB until i looked at the picture again lol.

Yeah man. For sure you have one of the best looking roster IMO. I am looking forward to watch some of your studs produce. Of course i’ll leave time to concentrate on my guys too ;-)

Having Gurley is definitely a good thing, haha. McCaffrey should be a decent 2nd RB, he just scares me a little. Cam is such a big dude and a lot of times he gets the goal line carries. But hell, you still have Gurley so you're set at RB for now.

Diggs is solid and should produce a lot, especially with Cousins at Qb now. I have a whole lot more faith in the Browns this year. Tyrod is still a good Qb and he's gotta have someone to throw to and Gordon should definitely benefit from that.

Doyle should be a lot better with Luck back, but Luck just scares me since he hasn't played an actual game in so long.

Mccoy should definitely get the volume, so could be a solid flex or even backup RB. He might end up taking McCaffrey's spot for you even though he's not as good as he once was and the o-line isn't all that great.

I wanted Ronald Jones late, so that's unfortunate 😂

Those are a few of my thoughts, hope that's what you were looking for, haha. Football is back!

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