Why I think Kerryon Johnson and Royce Freeman are great pickups, not so much on Ronald Jones II

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Royce Freeman > Devontae Booker

Devontae booker played behind a injury proned CJ Anderson. He had the opportunity to take the starting role TWICE and failed to do so. Which is why the broncos selected a rookie RB Royce Freeman in the 3rd round of this years draft. The guy is an absolute monster, racking up over 5500 in yards and 60 Tds while at Oregon. Through 2 preseasons game the Oregon product is the teams leading rusher with 58 yeards and two rushing touchdowns, in limited duty--doesn't seem much but his runs and vision have looked great. If Case Keenum can keep his passing game up this year, I see a sleeper waiting to be awoken.

Peyton Barber > Ronald Jones II
There have been lots of talks about how great Ronald Jones II is and how he will be the #1 guy in Tampa. Yeah he had a touchdown in the preseason but he's only been able to produce 11 yards off of 12 carries and has had trouble receiving. He has had several noticeable drops at camp and has yet to catch a pass in the preseason.

Barber on the other hand has been phenomenal in the preseason, averaging 5.3 yards per carry along with a touchdown so far in the preseason. He showed up to camp 10 lbs lighter than his previous 232 lbs. I like this kid I think he will be a great back and potential HUGE sleeper.

Kerryon Johnson > Ameer Abdullah
For the past 2 years I've been a believer in Abdullah and he has burned me everytime. Not this time Ameer, I think this mans career is done in Detroit. With the addition of Legarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson there just isn't any need for him on the 53-man roster, injury prone risk is all I see when I see Abdullah. They started him against the Giants in the preseason, possible to show case him but that didn't go so well. He carried the ball the first two plays of the game gaining 3 years on the first run and fumbling on the seconds run. He finished the game with 3 touches for 5 yards and muffed a kick.

Blount will obviously get starting duties, and Kerryon Johnson backing him up. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up becoming a 60%-40% split between Blount and Johnson come week 4-5. There's just too much talent and ability when it comes to Johnson. I could see them trying to recreate New Orleans Boom(Ingram) & Zoom (Kamara).


The word is starting to get out on Freeman. How early are you willing to go to draft him?

mid late 3rd - 4th round. I missed out on him by one tonight in the steemit draft -_-.

That hurts when you watch one of your potential guys go the very pick before yours.

I think Johnson is talented, but that backfield has too many RBs with him, Blount, Abdullah and Theo Riddick.

It is, he will definitely get 2nd fiddle behind blount starting off, but I see it becoming more of a split between blount and johnson. Ameer is about to get cut or shipped off. Riddick will become 3rd string.

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