Why I think Zeke will have the best Season

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When looking at rb's its a tough call between the top 4 obvious (Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot). Many will argue which back is the most talented runner, or that the back has receiving abilities because you'd have to consider that he can line up in multiple places. You also look at the QB and the WR's he plays with, because that larley influences the defenses he will see. What people tend to overlook is versatility.

Taking all this into account the RB I think will have the best season is Zeke and here is why. Throughout his first two seasons in the NFL he has averages the most rushing ypg than any other back (2016 - 108.7 & 2017 - 98.3) and this was all done largely against a stacked box. He has done this widely throughout his early career so far so what makes you think it will slow down now. If he had been able to play all 16 games last season he was on pace to finish as the #1 back in the league.


Would you be interested in joining a steemit fantasy league?

Whats the details?

I'm not totally sure yet. There is a guy I'm following that's just trying to find interested people. I believe it will be a free league with the comish offering a possible small pot at the end donated by him

Yeah his name is full-measure or something? I think I joined that league but I'd do a free one. Because I am already in a few High dollar ones with some buddies.

Cool man. I replied to him saying you were expressing interest......worst case maybe we can do a best ball league?

I resteemed the sign up page. It's gonna be ppr on Yahoo. I told the comish you have interest

@mawit07 is planning on hosting on yahoo

Dallas is also looking to get Zeke more involved in the passing game. He should be a beast this year

So Dallas lost their interior lineman for the season last week and now have lost center Travis Frederick to an auto immune disease. This actually could turn into a bad situation in Dallas, If they can't get the passing gaming going then stacked boxes with a weak O-line could be a bad situation for Zeke.

Yea, you make some good points there. I may have to drop him a rank or two in RB position.

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