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RE: My live draft 10 man standard league

10 man leagues are great. You always feel like your team is stacked. I'm doing my first 16 man team tonight, so I will have to start digging deep in the later rounds. I'm surprised you picked a defense so early in a 10 man league. I usually wait until round 15


I'm in that same league with you lol should be fun. what time is it exactly?

In my league its extremely competetive, defenses go fairly early and I wanted a defense I wouldn't have to switch much so since I didn't get Minnesota or Jags I wanted the Rams.

Oh yea that's right...HA! I completely forgot we are in the same league. I live in the east coast so for me it is at 8 PM EST. Good luck tonight. See you at the draft online

Yessir I'll be there.

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