Farm Veggie Day: Stone Fruit

in #farm2 months ago

Today is my farm veggie day.
I got stone fruits today. I thought these are plums? or some kind of peaches but these are actually called stone fruits. I have never had these before. Very interesting.

Different kind of cherry tomatos. I like the color!

Shishito peppers.

I got some lemon cucumbers and big limes.

I need more greens 😭 I guess I have to go grocery shopping later... ugh.

Oh I found it, What is stone fruit?
Stone fruit is know as drupes?! What is drupes 🤣 🤣 🤣
But stone fruit has "stone" looking pit in it so that is why its called "Stone" fruit.
Basically peach, plum, same family... I guess.

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I guess they taste sour as I'm salivating by just looking at the photos in the link about stonefruit. Those veggies look really unique, they are organic too right

Yes these veggies are all organic and coming from the local farm every week. Stone fruits were actually sweet. It taste like peach or plum ;p

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