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Hello Steemians,

It has been a very interesting series so far, I got love from a lot of people, got some word of encouragement and advice from top steemians. To those that missed the previous episodes of the topic HOW TO START AND RUN YOUR CLOTHING LINE SUCCESSFULLY , here is a brief recap; first episode was about The Preparation Stage then it was preceded by an educative topic, titled Placing Your Clothing Business Foot On The Perfect Ground, and my last topic got a lot of good reviews, it shows us how to make a fabulous clothing design and bringing it to life .
The series has been super interesting and educative, most thanks and appreciation to you all for following thus far, here is the last episode, and today's topic is:


In this episode, after learning to produce your clothing, you're now bothered with the responsibility of putting your products in the eyes of the right buyers, selling them and making profits, because of course, the products will not sell themselves if you don't put them out there. Here, I will give you some important insights, but first make sure you have done your market research as I explained in the first episode of the topic, then get back here and read through. Here we go! the first thing you could do is

1. Take advantage of social media

Social media!! Honestly, the benefits of social media cannot be overemphasized. It is a fact that more than 80% of the world population in recent years is using at least one social medium, so where else will be perfect for people to find your business other than on social media. People now use Facebook and instagram pages to market and sell their products (click on the links to see finité clothing pages), even WhatsApp has developed a version for business.
It gives your products the exposure it deserves, you can also take advantage of the paid sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram. You can read more about using social media marketing here.

2. Create your own online store

This may sound like a hectic task but it is very easy, you can make use of woocommerce plugin on wordpress or Magento. Don't fret! I will break it down into simple steps in my next post, so stay tuned.
So, to promote your clothing line using your website, make sure it looks very professional and very importantly, it should portray your style and image very well. Provide contact information in case stores or other merchants want to get in touch with you. If you want to give people the ability to buy clothing from your website, you'll need to set up a shopping cart and business account after registering your business officially so you can accept credit card payments, you may also want to accept payment with cryptocurrencies, haha! Sounds interesting right? I have incorporated that into my online store finité clothing store but can only accept bitcoin for now.

finté couples wears. You can check it out on my online store

3. Try out blogging

Yeah! Just as I'm doing here on steam, you may not get the fact that am actually marketing my business, but the fact is that people want to get things for free, so I decided to give quality information for free. Thereby marketing my products. Hehe! Did I hear you say this is clever? Yeah, it is.
It is also important to establish relationships with websites and blogs that can bring attention to your brand and site.
You can also sell your clothing through auction sites like in Nigeria, we have SME markethub or jiji. Don't forget that! BUILD A GOOD RELATIONSHIP, it pays

4. Wear your stuff

This is very important, you are the major image of your company. If you cant wear your own clothing, who should? You must wear your own fashions and ask people's opinions and record them; this will also aid you in designing a product people will like. Take every suggestion a person has to offer; it's like having your own marketing and design team and it doesn't cost you a thing. Starting out, money is going to be tight, so take advantage of every opportunity you can.

finite body con gown

You may also get celebrities endorsement, or get the most popular person you know to wear your stuff by giving it to them for free, trust me it will yield benefit

If you have the fund, go to a fashion trade show, though it can be expensive, but trust me, it can also be worth it, both in terms of sales and publicity

@finite-clothings will be at the African fashion week and logos city fashion fiesta.
Catch me there, it's gonna be fun fun fun.

And on this note, we have come to the end of the series.
Oh! what an amazing journey it has been, I hope I've imparted knowledge in one way or the other, if I have, please drop a comment and tell me what you have learned.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Big thanks to @samest and the @airhawk-project team for tutoring me and bigger thanks to you all for following and upvoting.
Bye for now!


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Can I be your model?

That will be awesome ... Will be have photo shoot next month tho, i will holla you

Boss abeg! am intrested as well oooo. Dont let the opportunity pass me by too.

Lolz. Contact me na.. Lets reason

Great clothing... And designs, what are the materials made of?

Thank you , every clothings has its perfect fabric, the texture and thickness matters, so you have to choose the best.. But for most of my products, i use combed cotton, and African fabrics

A good style of clothes, says a lot about a man

Nice engaging ine you have here @finite-clothings. Your 4th point is for one to wear what he/she is making. What if I make something for the opposite sex? 😀

Meanwhile, Nice to have you teaching us all these. Would anticipate more.

Cheers... @dorth.

Hehehe.. Most times you produce for your sex.. But if you produce for the opposite sex.. Then you should get a popular friend to wear em for you .. Lol. Thanks for your comments ..

I thought as Just wanted to share the responce with others. Actually, I just decided to do somethings that would be nice for the male folks too so I can wear what I make. But of cause, your reply is the way to go if one is making something of the opposite sex.

Yes boss.. Go get it!!!

I like the fact that your blog looks classy and professional. It's really important as it makes it stand out. I just happened upon your blog and will try to come back frequently. Cheers to your success!


Thank you so much @penauthor im glad to get your review

Hi! I'm Sara Acosta and i love fashion too! This post is very good, i like it very much! It has been a very interesting series that helps me a lot with my own designs and how to start the marketing with the clothes mark. Hope to read you again! Greetings from Venezuela. Good luck!

Wow!! Its amazing to know i can be able to pass my lessons to you over there, thanks for following .

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