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Howdy Guys,

Today, I'm diving into something slightly different, I mean something more like STYLING; I'm sure you are going to love this one.

So, last week at a friend's birthday party, I overheard someone complaining about how he's so tired of wearing T-shirts, then I said to myself, can I be tired of wearing T-shirt ? Hell no! Trust me, I could not hold it to myself so I walked up to this good-looking dude, then I asked saying "can I show you HOW TO ALWAYS LOOK DAPPER ON T-SHIRTS ?"

This lead me to write this post. So sit back, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn as I take you on this topic


T-shirt (Tees) I can say is probably everyone's favorite style piece. It’s quite simple and easy to wear. Tshirt for most guys has been the default item of apparel, we often times have a lot of Tees and we hardly think about replacing them until they start falling apart.

Just like other clothing in our wardrobe, we must pay careful attention to the styling of our t-shirt and stop treating Tees like a "use and dump" piece of item. Sometimes I feel bad for T-shirts, haha.
Therefore, to look dope and dapper on Tees (everyone's favorite go-to clothing item), we must pay attention to these few points: Tees fittings, perfect color, fabulous fabric, styling

finite trinity T-shirt

1. Tee's fitting

This is the major factor, what is your style? A free big t-shirt or a fitted Tshirt? Some women believe men are more attractive in a fitted white T-shirt, but in recent time, a free shirt is stealing the show. Your body shape also goes a long way to determine your style. Therefore, no matter your body built, Tees will make you look more masculine. But it has to perfectly fit and highlight the best attributes of your body.
Therefore, check out for these clues!

  • The Sleeves must be fitted around the arms, for freer shirts there can be space but the length should not extend up to your elbow. Oh! how much I love to roll up my sleeves, so if you have big arms, you may wanna show it off, girls love to see biceps

  • The Length of your shirt should be long enough, a bit below the waist level (your hip bone)

  • The neck is also an eye catchy part, always pay attention to when you raise your arms, there should not be too much gap around the neck, I'm not saying it should be so tight that you can’t move around easily.

2. Perfect color

Color selection may make or mar your style, but you can never go wrong with these basic colors; white, black, gray and navy.

  • A White color Tee always goes well with all skin tones and choice of style, but it harder to wash
  • You just have to own a gray colored Tees or a mixture of different shades of gray. Gray Tees virtually enhances your body shape.
  • Black! Is another versatile color option. It fits perfectly with another color in your outfits. However, if you are in a temperate region, it may become uncomfortable. Therefore, Navy blue would be a better pick than black.

3. Pick that fabulous fabric


There is one big misconception about picking a good fabric, people often think the weight and thickness of the fabric are directly related to quality. This is wrong because lighter t-shirt's materials tend to cost more. If you want to buy a t-shirt, 100% cotton is the preferable choice. There are many types of cotton, namely: combed cotton, organic, Pima, merino, bamboo, polyester etc. But the Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are the best because they look thinner, last longer and feels lighter. Sometimes, two types of cotton can be blended together to produce a single fabric containing the properties of both individual fabrics.

Rock That T-Shirt In STYLE

Just before we go into the styling, there are few important things you most note

do's and don'ts
  • In my opinion, if you are into jackets with collar, your t-shirt needs to feature the same shape.

  • If you have a sloped shoulder or a small chest then t-shirts with crew necks is a "yeah" for you

  • For shorter guys, I think V-necks are just perfect because they make the neck seem longer. However, deep V-neck, a scoop neck or a boat neck are mostly fashion trends that are very difficult to pull off, so my advice is to steer clear of these styles.

  • tuck in your t-shirt? This is a big NO, except you are wearing it as vest underwear


Generally, the best styling for T-shirts are:


Pairing a classic white t-shirt with jeans and a pair of boots. This is one style secret, it portrays an effortless look for a man.


Layering a t-shirt by wearing a jacket, cardigan or checked shirt. You can pull this style off with a dark denim and stylish loafers or sneakers


Pairing a lovely t-shirt with a pair of short jean. This Style is easy to pull off, it gives you an amazingly simple and classy look

Thanks for following and upvoting. Stay tuned to get more style updates


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@finite-clothings if I won't lie to you, you deserve some accolades for this post, this is so interesting. You will not believe if I bought a Tee's since like 2weeks that I kept somewhere in my wardrobe with rechecking it, this post make me go for it today. Kudos to you brother.keep bringing in those good work. Restreemed.

wow.m your comments means a lot to me, thanks bro. I hope you enjoyed that your abandoned Tees? lol. i will like to know how you style it.. please continue rocking Tees

lol, yeah I really like Tee's and also the abandoned one is still new which I dropped somewhere but after reading this post , mehn! I pick race to where i put it. hehehehe.

Hahahahha. Im very happy you did. Thanks boss. I wish this post can get to alot of people

I love T-shirts and I use them all the time!! My go-to piece in Summer :)

yeah @julimattosm make sure you dont treat the tshirts badly. haha, thanks for your comment

"...misconseption about picking a good fabric, people often thinks the weight and thickness of the fabric is directly related to quality..."

I confess, I'm one of those in this category.

Nice one you've got up your sleeves this time.

Hahaha yeah most people do think so, well its not a crime. Lol.. At least this post hss been able to teach you something new. Thanks for your comment .

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Nice one. I love Tshirts.

Thanks dear, you have got the right body to carry t-shirts

Great content bruv. I love it

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Simple does it for me. Thanks for this post

yeah.. good choice!! there is sense in simple

Really cool post. I hardly ever think about all the different styles and fits of t-shirts. But t-shirts are so versatile! I'm with you - hell no could I ever get sick of t-shirts. I'm wearing a plain white one now haha

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Haha.. No one goes wrong with tees!! Keep rocking tees ...
Thanks for the upvote and comment ..

Great one buddy