Ethical Merchantry: We Offer These Gold Flower Earrings for $teem Exchange Towards Building a Better World for ALL!

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While we offer a huge range of honorable goods through our Epic Threads Boutique, today we want to show you a pretty pair of earrings!

Yesterday we showed you a carnelian pendulum, but that was still only a tiny taste of the epic sustainable goods we have available for trade or barter! Check out this totally different, super unique item:

These are lovely hand stamped gold colored metal earrings with a hook for pierced ears. The design is reminiscent of a flower or snowflake, with delicate “leaves” inside each lobe.

These are a great accessory that change the flavor of any outfit. They thin and delicate but bold, as they are about 2 inches across, which makes them lots of fun to wear! They are very thin metal, so even though they are on the larger size as far as earrings go, they are very lightweight.

Accessorizing is a wonderful way to up your style game. A relatively “plain” outfit can be easily elevated with some earrings like this, maybe with a few more pieces of jewelry. You can look great while feeling very comfortable!

Like all of our goods and services, these gold flower earrings are available by donation towards building a better world for ALL! 

SBD transactions help build a real world $teem economy by strengthening our favorite cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange! You  can get actual, tangible goods with it, and we will pay it forward to do  even more actual, tangible GOOD in this world and care for our living  planet! 

A Little More About Our Epic Threads Boutique

We offer valuable master crafted, unique, vintage, custom, and global pieces - all sustainably made or sourced - by donation to our humanitarian outreach!

The Isness of Business

We invite you to peruse our Shop, where you will undoubtedly find EPIC treasures and tools to delight, inspire, and heal you! With each incredible item you choose to invest in for your collection, we offer the PROFOUND opportunity to support a truly honorable cause!

Everything We Offer Is By Donation

We assign fair and reasonable values to our goods and services, and happily entertain barter and trade offers for them. 

Monetary donation exchanges are much appreciated, and can be completed quickly and efficiently online through our website! Items may be added to your cart, and we have the familiar checkout process. 

We are also happy to barter and trade directly for goods, materials, resources, and commodities! Check out our Goods Exchange page to see the items we need. Please contact us to negotiate an exchange using those valuables if you prefer.

All Proceeds Are Dedicated To A New Paradigm

100% of all proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. 

Do you know we create the most sustainable line of Steem Gear available anywhere on Earth? Check out a catalog from @quinneaker's crypt-o-rrific fashion line available by SBD exchange, or visit our Steem Shop!

All products in this post are made right here in The Garden of Eden, and we take all photos ourselves. All the logos, banners, headers, footers etc we also make our self with our in-house design team @truthproductions

Because we stand in support of the greatest good & especially the revolutionary potential of this platform, we've never cashed out any $teem or even powered down - which is good for everyone! This means that when you upvote our posts, you are increasing the value of your own $teem wealth as well! 

Do you believe our efforts are valuable and beneficial for the world? 

Can you match our annual contributions of feeding 40,000, saving 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, achieving a negative carbon footprint, providing a safe space for families and children to thrive, and educating hundreds of thousands of people for free?? If you don't have the time or manpower to change the world in this way, then consider sharing your resources so we can do the work for you! 

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Waaaooooo that beautiful picture the model is very pretty

Nice earrings !!

they would look nice on you Lisa

Great initiative, I liked the #Earrings and the #hat as well

Do you send to Mexico?

Yes! Exact shipping rates depend on your location and the weight of the package.

Those are beautiful earnings and I'm sure my wife would love them. I'll have to show her this post when she gets home later today.

Great, thanks for sharing our stuff :)

You have a great shop! Love your unique jewelry.

Do you ship to Croatia? Valentine day is coming and this would be amazing gift for my girlfriend because she loves natural stuff :)

Yes we do! Exact shipping price depends on your location and the weight of the package.

I just checked and shipping would cost more that the earings, but thx for the answer :))

This is super cool! Love seeing the steem gear, it will attract more people to this fabulous platform. ^_^

Sustainable Steem Gear!

Actually this is a great fasion..I appreciate your post..Go ahead my friend...

wow very nice post.....i like you..😍😍😍😰😰😰

They are beautiful I would love to have some, it hurts that I am so far away!

We ship internationally!

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I like the way to inspire other's people
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Begging for votes is not a strategy for success, friend.

So wat.. i think u also did same

Fir earn money we have to do this

Very nice and needed post

very needed post.
it's so important for all.

great photography........

Another inspiration for beauty is earrings. It is the beauty of the beauty. The earrings of your wear have changed all the cheaters. You may find it very beautiful for earrings.

Steem is undoubtedly the best invention of all time and then the efforts like this ensures the community has a bright future. Good Work!

Thanks ~ as you can see, we have been dedicated to the success of this platform since we found out about it! And we have been building a better world for ALL in real life for almost a decade!

How beautiful I love them, it's good that it's done by their own hands they're very cute

They are beautiful ! I like the steemit Cap. Can you guys send them to Nepal ?

This is great ! I will check them out soon !!

fantastic photography.

Quality posts are very useful, successful for you

We hope to inspire a revolution in values with all of our posts!

Nice piece.
Though more importantly the cause!

Great to know that! Regards from Venezuela

Wow! I love those earrings and I want! Smiles. Great @garden. Super creativity