Beauties dressed in wormwood (video)

in #fashion3 years ago

It is strange! The girls' luxury style statement 'Poker Jewelry' is here. They have decorated the insects by wearing gem-pearl glue on the wormwood worms. The price of this precious jewelry is worth ten dollars, which is Tk 840 in Bangladeshi currency.
Sona-silver-diamond-platinum-- that is why women are not filled with the mind. What is the end of the insect? It's a strange thing, it's a boom! Color Pin, Brooch is always the 'In Fashion'. Girls in Mexico are one step ahead of this genre. These are called 'Live Jewelry'.
This kind of beetle is found in South America and Mexico. The chain is put on one side so that they pin around the place. The lifespan of the insects is usually four years. But due to lack of care after the jewelry became dead a few months later. Its specialty is only until the insect-free insect survival.
In the early 1980s, its popularity was first created in Mexico. Tourists were surprised to see the sparkling insects. There are many stories and pieces about it being made.


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