Ketosis, brain development, and long term health on Biohacker's Lab

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I've known Amber O'hearn through our conversations on low carb and carnivore diet for about 20 years. Her knowledge is encyclopedic and vast. And maybe it's just me, but paying attention and following her chain of thought is challenging, stimulating, and pleasurable.

Not to mention that I live for the rare, sudden, and appealing laugher.

In this video:

  1. Are we human because of ketosis?
  2. Can we compare the starvation state to a high calorie/protein Ketosis?
  3. What is the effect of antinutrients on our RDA calculations?
  4. Do we recycle vitamins better in Ketosis?
  5. Is caloric deficit for longevity suitable for humans?
  6. What effect did Megafauna have on prehistoric diets?
  7. Elder issues, Weston A. Price, Nutrient density and more.

Great info, thanks for sharing! I'm going to be sure to set aside the time to watch the stuff you share on all of this.