To The All The Dads In Steemit ,

in #fathersday3 years ago (edited)

Specially to those who are doing their best for their kids' sake and those who think they are.

It's already on in Asia so let me already greet you all ... a ...


Isama nyo na tatay ko at mga tatay nyo, tatay nating lahat para masaya!

Cheers to fatherhood!

Love lots,

This content's 100% mine . I took the pic with my D Eye .. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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Thank you for posting this lovely Father's Day card @englishtchrivy........sweet!

Hope you are enjoying your week end mon ami.


hi ya mon ami
am late again :)
been a bit tired lately
have had a great weekend though
that's why a bit tired :D
I hope you did, too
and this extends to your darling, too

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and you have inspired me. So in your honor created for you this masterpiece


The blog here in your honor..

Be blessed

Yours Always

thank you

my first impression is that this looks like that of @klye's work

do you have an introduce yourself post?
I suggest that you make one
and one with a pic of you holding that paper that says Steemit + date + your name here

good luck

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and I am Pricasso no one else and as per your request my intro post here

Be Blessed

Yours Always

I see, I suggest that you make a new one, with a real you on it
you can check the #introduceyourself trending page
more or less, most of those in there have a face and that paper I told you
but it's really your prerogative :)

Thank you for your sound advice my lady be blessed :)

Yours Always

Let this day bring sincere joy to all-and fathers and their children. Let this be another occasion to Express our gratitude to our fathers.

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Happy day to all the parents of this great community.

ducks that swim quite funny to watch.

You are very kind dear friend @ englishtchrivy, photography is a very good representation
Thank you very much
I wish you a wonderful Sunday

my pleasure !
I hope you were given the right appreciation that you deserve!
sorry for the late reply ...

Happy fathers day to all the parents in this community :)

Wow, the Asian time is faster than Africa, we are still in Saturday but it is just few minutes left.

Happy Father's Day.

of course, the East is where the sun rises first :)

Oh, pardon me, I have forgotten my geography. 😄

They are the pillars of a Family.

Hats off to all the sacrifices and all the hard work they go through for the sake of the family.

May all the Father's live a prosperous life and have all the love in their life.

Happy Father's Day !

Great message for every father there they are the backbone of the child future :)

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much. I almost forgot and my kids don't even care. I'm glad you at least thought about my big day.

my pleasure ribbit ribbit!
aw... I guess Dad's day is less remembered and celebrated compared to Mother's Day unfortunately...
but to be honest, I can count the times I greeted my father when this day comes, either so that makes you two though this year I didn't fail to :)
Cheers anyway! I hope you had a great Sunday !

Oh, Sunday was fantastic. Pleasantly quiet and almost like Father's Day. My island in the park is getting greener and greener, and the birds are singing every day as if they wanted to invite me to join them in their singing. The sun was shining on Sunday and I saw a wonderful football match in the afternoon. The team from Iceland showed their heart and soul when they fought Goliath like David did. I almost felt sorry for the Argentines.

sounds like fun and fit to your liking
really? Iceland beat the team where Messi is? woah ...

anyway ... still sounds like you had a great time
so cheers to that!

No. They drew. Argentina cried again, Messi was disappointed, and Iceland celebrated the draw like a victory. It was a very exciting game.
Cheers to you!

very nice photo dear

Very cute photo for such a nice holiday 😊😊😊. Have a wonderful day 😉😉😉

That's sweet amiga!

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Thanks for this message , it is an awesome reminder. Didnt even know Father's Day was at hand.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads in this wonderful community.