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RE: What Makes A "Good Dad" And "Bad Dad"?

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I am the father of three beautiful young people, I always thought he was a good father, he worked all day long, 365 days a year, even on his own birthdays, to make enough money for his tastes.
The day they presented themselves to me and told me that they were going to live in another province in search of a better future, I realized that I was a bad father. I was never in the special moments with them, that's when I resigned from my work and I live from what I generate in steemit.
Now I am a good father and grandfather I am all day to accompany and contain them, you would be surprised to know how much it is needed in the day the presence of a father.
Excellent post dear friend @englishtchrivy I wish you a happy rest


thank you for sharing your opinion @jlufer

wow, that sounds like you're really doing your best
and still taking care of them?
Lucky children of yours!

I can see some similarities to your culture and mine, till now, some of our elders still take care of their children and are living and taking care of them even though those are already as old as 30 - 40 :D