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RE: What Makes A "Good Dad" And "Bad Dad"?

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Only as adults can we appreciate what our fathers do for us. Sometimes it seemed to us in our childhood that they were more strict than our mothers; sometimes it seemed to us that they give little time to us ; sometimes it seemed to us that they were too busy with their business to love us. But only when we become adults, we understand and appreciate all their love and care and all that they are ready to do for us. Great post! I look at these photos with pleasure and see this parallel with people's lives. Thanks @englishtchrivy


thank you
and thank you for sharing your thoughts
I agree with you on being more understanding when we become adults
I guess, with nature, it's a different thing
none of those cygnets complained nor honked when he snatched all the bread to himself which would probably a mini protest if it happened to us humans but then who knows what they were thinking :)

I was hoping this would stir more replies
but I guess not :)
or it's just too early

It is possible that they have other priorities in terms of care and other criteria (good/bad father). They live in a natural habitat and it is likely that safety can be considered the main one here. He hisses at people approaching. He won't let you get too close. He's protecting his family. Maybe this is a priority for them?
I think it's been a very short time, hopefully. I have observed that activity over the past 3 days has become less. Maybe this is due to the fact that the summer season has started and people are trying to be at a distance from their computers