ah, there's a daring one
thank you for sharing your opinion on what makes a good dad @yaanivapeji
I appreciate that!
what about the dad who chose to become "housebands"? We have many cases of a switch of roles in Asia, normally it's the housewife who stays at home but these days more men do that, therefore the word housebands. Would that still make them a good dad? :)

I doubt because if they are not able to provide for their family, it can be a problem for them especially among their children. Their children might not give them the regard they deserve.

sorry for the late reply

interesting ... you mean they may not be respected? Why do I feel like where you're from has the same standards and norms when it comes to fathering. Dads in my country are expected to be the head of the family and that means - being a provider at the same time, a great husband and dad and failing to meet all those means a problem in the house specially in the terms of the perception their children would throw them

Yeah. I think it is the reality across countries in the world.

spot on
it's the case everywhere
that's quiet a conditioning that's hard to erase I think :)

I agree with you. But why will a man want to be a father and does not think there will be responsibility or will not be willing to take responsibility?

some claim they had an accident child hahaha
what a nonsense
but I guess our generation is more conscious about choice :)