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My son Vinny and I are out and about pretty much all day. Whether it's toddler groups, soft plays or the park, we see lots of other kids with their parents.
Everyone raises their kids the way they see fit, I can agree with that; but everyday I see parents unknowingly hurting their kids.

Without careful thinking and care, most of us will raise our children the way we were raised, even when we're not happy about how our parents treated us. My grandma's favorite saying about parenting was 'You must only kiss your children when they sleep, otherwise you'll spoil them'. That's how she raised my mum - without any show of love and affection - and sadly, that's how my mum raised me.


We have an incredibly difficult task, and a lot of power over the future of out little ones. Our decisions will help build their character, or damage it; unfortunately most of us have busy lives and a lot of other things to think about, and we let our subconscious guide our parenting - and that often leads to just doing what our parents did.

For this reason I have decided to start a project called Fearless Parenting, to help parents find the courage to raise their children with love and respect, so that they can become healthy, happy grown-ups!

I will be striving to write an article everyday, with practical advice on how to tackle mundane struggles we come across in our parenting journey, following the latest neurological and psychological research. Feel free to ask any questions or suggest any topics you would like me to write about.
When I have a little more time, I will start a discord channel where we can all share worries and advice about our little ones, and support each other in the wonderful, terrifying job that is parenting.

Thank you so much for reading!

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This is really good initiative. We as parents often are in dilemma to treat our children in the correct way. Hope your writing will help and guide us in this regard.

Most parents are likely going to raise their kids the way their parents raised them because that is what they know. Unless they invest their time and a little of their resources to source for information on effective parenting styles and equip their minds we such knowledge, the ill parenting cycle is likely going to continue. I think the project you're innaugurating is a commendable one and I'll be looking up for it

we always have instincts with us throughout our lives and those instincts depend upon how we have been raised

Mother is Great !!

Thank you for your post, I up voted and promoted it too.
If giving the opportunity to raise my children all over again I would remove from them; TV, Computer, and electronic games, even if my husband would no agree with me. I would take them to trips and protect them from public schools. No smoking or drinking at home and explain to my children why.

No unmarried guest couples to stay over my house, because it sets a bad precedent to your own children when they date at a later time.
I would make sure my children are complemented more than criticized. Before the age of 7 teach them the Holy Scriptures, play them at night so their subconscious minds are programed with God's wisdom, also making sure I would live it, rather than just talk about it. I wouldn't become frustrated with them, as my own Mom did to me, when I frustrated her, but rather take those moments as an opportunity to teach them.

Never use my hands to slap them, when they disobeyed me, but rather use my hands to show God's love, mercy and grace to them. I would never keep repeating myself to them, but I would get them used to one time command and let them deal with the consequences, their obedience to me, should be out of love not fear. I would tell them I love them very much and I believe in them as well. I would teach them the importance of marrying someone who accepts their family for whom they are, unless they don't want their Parents in in their lives, much less in their grandchildren's lives. God's word is very clear about marrying to someone who are truly born again Christian.
2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? Many claim to be Christians, but it is just a claim and nothing else. I would buy less toys, clothing, and no wasteful with food, after all why paid someone Else's tuition by leaving most of your salary in the stores and paid high interest to the banksters, when most of a child's needs are; unconditional love, discipline, forgiveness, appreciation, understanding, encouragement and support are free of charge. One thing my children can attribute to me, is the fact that I love them equally, I may disapprove some of their behaviors, but they know I love them unconditionally and will never reject them as my Parents did to me.

It is important to raise a child in love, not in fear. May God bless your project and may you inspire moms and dads in the near future. God bless! 😊

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Good luck on that project. I think it's a beautiful thing you have in mind to do.

Wow. Awesome post.. my contribution wouldn't be complete if I don't resteem this :)

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Sounds like some interesting reads coming up. You should join the @steemitmamas discord group https://discord.gg/qfu4yRE connecting mamas from all over the globe :) So glad to have come across your blog this evening :)

Fearless it sound great, it should be strong capability parent that could do this

Perfect shot 🔥 love the colors in the photo, bit all I see, is the eyes😍🔥

Great idea @corina

I will definitely support you along with the others with this initiative. I'm sure you will receive a lot of interest. There isn't a parenting rule book out there and live advice for those looking is so valuable.


We all need guides when it comes to doing anything novel. Especially when it comes to something as crucial as raising the next generation. What guide do we have then if not our parents, lest we think about what effects our actions might have every single time we do them.