Thanks, and SO happy that you are back! Now it feels like all is right in the universe again!

haha! well you are too kind Melinda! How is it going for you today, did you figure out that techology issue you were working on?

I have gotten better as the day has gone on! A few more days and I'll be a pro! I will appreciate the next updates though. There are some features that I have come to rely on that are still missing on V2.

Oh, they keep updating the new versions? It must be the way to go if you have a phone though especially.

V2 is still a work in progress, although with each update it is more and more usable! It is going to be remarkable!

and it's available for desktops too I'm sure. Is there any talk about getting a web based program or app or system going, I don't know what to call it. lol

Surfer 2 is pretty amazing!

Ok well I'll get around to trying that one out, just have to be ready to go on discord for help if it doesn't work like the other versions I tried. You use Surfer 2 on your laptop?

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