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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #featheredfriday with
thanks to @melinda010100

Double Crested Cormorant

This is a cormorant nesting colony. The first pic in the Spring
and next is later in the Summer.
With a large number of nests, the amount of.....
DSC_1817 (2)aaa.JPG
waste which is very acidic can kill the trees and bushes
forcing them to find another site.
Cormorants have less oil on their wings then most other...
DSC_3353 (2)aaa.jpg

water birds so they have to dry them in the sun.
This can be an advantage since it hunts underwater and
the heavier wings make maneuvering in that environment easier.
DSC_2747 (2)aaaa.jpg



Beautiful photos, especially the last one with the spread wings.😘

Thank you, I usually can’t get that close to them...

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Nice photography cormorant nesting colony birds.

Thanks, I appreciate your kind comments!

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Nice photographs. Are the cormorants common there? I'm asking because huge flocks moved in and then moved out of Manitoulin.

They are native but disappeared and were re introduced in the 80’s
They are now thriving so much they are trying to control them, destroying nests etc...
Hamilton harbour has literally hundreds..

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Oh, I didn't realize they were re-introduced. I was shown 3 sitting on a branch on Manitoulin Island. Several years later, there were 10s of thousands and talk of a cull. After the zebra mussels moved in and made the clear water even clearer, the cormorants were accused of eating all the small fish that could be seen. Fishing was lousy for some time after that and then the cormorants moved out and it's finally rebounding. We wondered where they had gone.

Fantastic post! I have seen some abandoned heron rookeries where all the trees had died, and it never occurred to me that was why. Great photos... Thanks for posting these to #featheredfriday!

Thank you, yes, they are similar to Herons that way... we have so many cormorants here they have become a nuisance and they are trying to control their population now...

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