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RE: Feathered Friday

Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful photos Melinda. It's so nice to see these lovely birds up close 🌷😊🌷

They seems to be rare here in Canada, but I saw few this summer nesting by the lake under the roof of facility building there. However, they are very common, but also highly valued (except when pooping all over balcony,lol) back in Slovakia. We used to have that problem when I was teenager. Although our Swallows are purely black and white with red collar and their tales seems to be longer.


You made me curious and I went and looked and it seems that there are 85 different species of swallows. Only eight of them are in North America. They are messy, but boy do they keep away the bugs! I love watching them fly.

I am not surprise there must be so many different species out there. And yes, they are the super birds when comes to bugs with acrobatic flying skills. Definitely fun to watch 😊

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