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Barn Swallows are familiar birds in rural areas and in open country where they skim low over fields catching the insects that are the major part of their diet.

I took these photos while visiting Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Central Wisconsin. There is a wonderful handicap accessible boardwalk that takes you right out over the marsh.


The species is common across North America, Europe and Asia, and they winter in southern Africa and South America.



Nests are made of mud and lined with grass and feathers. Although they used to nest in caves, it is now rare to find a Barn Swallow nest anywhere that is not manmade.


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My dad in law is a big bird lover. He feeds them in his garden all day long. He would love your post :) I'm not sure if I've ever seen this bird before but I know 100% that he would have some amusing story about them :)

Thank you for sharing Melinda and have a lovely weekend!

Hope your weekend is grand, too! Your father-in-law seems like my kind of guy! I love watching the birds that come to my feeders. One of my favorite parts of traveling has always been seeing all the new birds that I have never seen before.

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Thanks, my friend!

Those are great shots! I have a pair that nest in my barn but they won't be around for months yet.

I remember they would have an entire condo community built on the beams of our old dairy barn back when I was a kid.

Wow, another fabulous bird that I seldom get to see! Great photos, Melinda! Those are lovely shots... the second one with the two birds on the rope is great, and that last one with the nest... Wow! That one really made my day. Thanks so much for posting in Feathered Friday and for all you do to support this tag. Voted and Resteemed :-)

Glad you like these shots! They are such delightful birds, even if they do have rather grumpy expressions on their faces! My plan is to get to all of the feathered Friday posts... I just finished with the shadow contest posts and am now free to go comment!

That's really wonderful, Melinda :-)

Hi my friend. A beautiful day for a picture of birds in winter. Beautiful birds in the nest. My child really likes it, until he asks for it.
Thanks for this @melinda010100

Baby birds in the nest are always fun to see. Is your child a boy or a girl?

I have children
I have a son, and is only 6 years old


Look at that handsome boy! What kind of things does he like to look at pictures of?

Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful photos Melinda. It's so nice to see these lovely birds up close 🌷😊🌷

They seems to be rare here in Canada, but I saw few this summer nesting by the lake under the roof of facility building there. However, they are very common, but also highly valued (except when pooping all over balcony,lol) back in Slovakia. We used to have that problem when I was teenager. Although our Swallows are purely black and white with red collar and their tales seems to be longer.

You made me curious and I went and looked and it seems that there are 85 different species of swallows. Only eight of them are in North America. They are messy, but boy do they keep away the bugs! I love watching them fly.

I am not surprise there must be so many different species out there. And yes, they are the super birds when comes to bugs with acrobatic flying skills. Definitely fun to watch 😊

Each spring swallows nest on the facade of our office building. I am looking forward to seeing them coming from the South. Now their nests are empty but they quickly will restore the broken and lay their eggs. They are so fast that I never manage to capture any.

It is always a pleasure to see them return! It will be a long time before the snow melts and we have any insects but I will be waiting for their return!

We had a barn swallow build a nest right above our ice cream window at the marina this summer. It was giving all of the customers "free toppings" ! We didn't want to disturb the nest so it became an ongoing joke. They are very crafty birds and they built the nest in a very safe spot from wind and predators. I watch the mother build the nest tirelessly for over a week. She started it by pressing some seaweed into a crack in the wall and slowly built it up over time. Great shots ! I'll have to see if I can find the ones I took.

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I'd love to see your photos! Extra toppings--I love it!

Great photos @melinda010100! This reminds me, I know where some swallows live. I can add them to my NorCal bird count!

What a great capture of th nest with the swallows inside!

They were not too worried about me being close to them!

this bird can fly fast, in my place a lot

You are lucky to have them! They eat a lot of bugs and help keep the insect population under control.

Loved your caption of birds. I always though birds like this back then can bite

Oh how cute! I'm glad you learned that they do not bite! 😃

Wow, birds do look angry here a bit but beautiful photography

They do look like they are scowling, don't they? Actually, I think they are are full of joy and are quite friendly!

True that, birds are all full of joy and fun, they don't have career to be worried for and they don't have to work on how to stay outside the RC jail :D they are lucky

Free as a bird!

That's right

They are cute and rather friendly, too!

Wow ... this really makes me want to always see it.


Beautiful @melinda010100

I'm so happy you like these bird photos, my friend!

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Hirundo rustica__MG_7738.jpg
Hirundo rustica

They are quite cute birds.

Their faces always make them look like they are rather grumpy! But when you see them in the air you can tell that they are full of joy! Fun photo.

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Thanks, eSteem!

I really like the second picture of birds sitting on the rope :) Good job!

Thanks! They were closely watching me taking photos of the chicks in the nest!

Lovely photography of your annual visitors, we get three regular visitors to our region. The Barn swallow, Greater striped swallow and Lesser striped swallow, the later seen more regularly down here at the coast.

Soon they will start congregating on phone lines preparing to leave for summer in Europe, how envious I am of these little excellent flyers @melinda010100

We also have Tree Swallows here, and I believe Purple Martin's are a type of swallow. If will be a few months before winter is over and we have insects here for them to eat again.

Howdy Melinda! I'm finally back, how's it going and how you doin? These are some wonderful shots you have!

Thanks, and SO happy that you are back! Now it feels like all is right in the universe again!

haha! well you are too kind Melinda! How is it going for you today, did you figure out that techology issue you were working on?

I have gotten better as the day has gone on! A few more days and I'll be a pro! I will appreciate the next updates though. There are some features that I have come to rely on that are still missing on V2.

Oh, they keep updating the new versions? It must be the way to go if you have a phone though especially.

V2 is still a work in progress, although with each update it is more and more usable! It is going to be remarkable!

and it's available for desktops too I'm sure. Is there any talk about getting a web based program or app or system going, I don't know what to call it. lol

Surfer 2 is pretty amazing!

What a little beauty! These little birds are so cute!

Aren't they just so adorable with that puffy little face :)

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