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You guys are the best!

These are my feathered friends today.....
Happy weekend in advance

Great runner duck photos for FFF! Thanks for using the tag!

A lovely post about this interesting bird!

Amazing to capture photos of the owl. They are hard to find.
My entry:

I was quite excited to see the owl. I'd be even more excited to see your Raven, though!

Cool Owl, I have a little bird doing a dance.

I think he is a pretty good little dancer.

What a gorgeous photographs! I just love owls, they are incredible. Most of all I admire their ability to disguise themselves as a landscape :D

Here is my modest contribution - a small but very fast and careful bird. If I am not mistaken, it is a kingfisher. It was my the one ever photo I could take. In fact, I saw him 3 times in my life.


I have not seen one in years and have never had the upportunity to take a photo of one! Lovely little bird!

Thank you :) I do was very happy of my luck

What cool shots of the Owl and here is my stretch on Feathered Friday

I love these birds and hope others realize that bird art is perfectly acceptable for #featheredfriday! Thanks for sharing these delightful birds!

Thaks that does open up some possibilities for me for Future Feathered Friends Fridays :)
WOW thats a lot of Fs LOL

@brittandjosie is calling it FFF
I think she threw in a Fabulous!

That works well also :)

That is a gorgeous photo of that delightful bird! It is such a great color.

It's great! What a beautiful and majestic bird. Not far from my house, these birds also live, but I can’t capture them in the photo. I will try again and be sure to share my photos. Thanks for this post!

That would be great! I would love to see some bird photos from you!

Those owls 🦉 how I love to get them in front of my camera but we don’t have them here . Offcourse I have a FFF ready but it’s still Thursday here hahahah

FFF faboulous feathered Friday

It's Thursday here, too, but I get busy on Fridays with the Shadow contest, and I like to get FeatheredFriday up early enough so that people have a place to put their bird links! I can't wait to see yours!

Amazing photos of the night owl..:-) Lucky you ....

Really lucky, right? I was quite thrilled!

I would have been very excited to capture such wonderful owl images too @melinda010100 They certainly do know how to blend into their surroundings don't they? I'd better go and hunt out some images to do my own Feathered Friday blog. (U & R )

Thanks, dear friend! They are masters of camouflage. Seeing this guy makes me realize I could have easily walked past them many many times and just never saw them.

That is great find and very well spotted. The bird is almost unnoticable with the same colour as the tree bark.

They are majestic birds. Truly. Masters of stillness. Great capture, Melinda:)

Aren't they incredible? It seems so odd to me that they are sharing the neighborhood with me, and even as large as they are, I don't see them!

I don't know, Melinda. Perhaps you should get on building that ark. The passenger line is getting quite long, LOL:)

If it keeps raining so much here, that is exactly with we will all need.

Breathtaking photographs Melinda, nicely done.
I find owls to be very fascinating, and very intelligent. Owls are slow in flight, I think it's the barn owl that is the slowest and most quiet. The great horned owl is one massive owl, but despite the size, they don't weigh more than a few pounds at most. I saw one up close and personal a few months ago. Sadly it was in captivity, and I felt really bad for it, as I was able to sense that it was not happy in the slightest bit.

They have aerodynamics which allow them to use very little energy, and cut through the air very quietly, making them extremely efficient hunters. They dive bomb in a way, talons first, which delivers a bone crushing blow to their prey.

I'm commenting by way of the new desktop client eSteem Surfer 2, and everything is working great! :)

Thank you for giving me some pointers!

Great owl info, thanks! This one kept a very close eye on me as I moved around taking photos.

We all need to be doing 'did you know' pointers on our posts about some of the cool features about @eSteem and @eSteemapp. There must be other people who are missing out on some of the great things that eSteem has going for it!

My pleasure Melinda.
Absolutely I agree. Perhaps I'll work on a "did you know" post of sorts. I'll bet many people don't know you can paste links from your browser to your app, making it easy and quick to open a post and respond to it with the app. (Which is what I just did for this comment, because I work out of steemworld opening links much of the time with This is certainly something many users might like to know, so I could put together a post with screenshots, tutorial posts :)

That would be fantastic! Tag me if you do it so that I don't miss it! If we look back in Discord help we will probably find lots of things that people have trouble with. And you know if one person is having trouble, so are other people.

I have long been impressed by the so diverse fauna around your house. Incredible ... and wonderful!

It is entertaining to have so much wildlife activity!

Surely! I would love to be so close ... Hi, Melinda, glad to see you again!

It does seem like we get so busy here that it gets difficult to get around to all the posts we would like to see! Are you recovering from your injuries?

Thank you for remembering this. I'm still not recovering, I have pain in the spine.
It is true that the activity here and that of our other life often exceeds our possibilities. I'm glad to see each other from time to time, and please forgive me for not doing it more often.

I will try to get around more often, too. I always enjoy your posts!

Thank you, Melinda!

Hai again melinda. Nice bird. In my language it is called a ghost bird.

That is a very appropriate name for them. They fly so silently.

Fantastic shots! How great to see one during the day! We have them out here too, but I don't hear them as often as I hear Barred owls. Those guys are everywhere.

We used to have a lot of barred owls around here, too. But I haven't heard one now in a few years. Seeing this guy makes me wonder how many I walk past during a day and never even see them. They are so well camouflaged.

Amiga,buen dia,muy hermoso su trabajo,la toma de ese buho espectacular,muy lindas las fotografias,muchas bendiciones y agradecida por su aporte,saludos

gracias, Petra!

Wow, never know they can be seen in daylight!

I was pretty excited to see this one!

Wow, its really nice owl bird photography.

Thanks! It was fun to see him!

Nice he posed for you. The ones i see always fly away the instant they see my camera.

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Great shots.I been trying to get an owl picture for a couple years now but no luck.i hear him at night and early morning sometimes but cant find him.Thats awesome you got your pics.Beautiful bird.

Howdy Melinda! oh, those are super cool shots, I'm glad you got to see him too!

All because of you! I wouldn't have been out so early without your encouragement!

How amazing! That's really a wonderful birdie to see all of a sudden. And like you said, he was hardly visible. Lucky he flew, so you were able to spot him and take these great photos!

I love Owls! I only ever saw one myself as a child, and it sat on a roof at night. Otherwise I only heard them sometimes at night. I wish one would visit our garden ;-)

Have a lovely day @melinda010100 !

I was quite excited to see this guy! I have certainly had very few owl encounters in my life time.

Cool! I've seen owls from far away, but never gotten close enough for a photo. Well, except once at night when a barred owl flew within a couple feet of my head and scared me half to death. Very nice portraits of the hooter!

I still can't believe he sat there and let me take pictures! He was still there when I left. Maybe he was planning a nap in the sunshine.

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