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Чирик-привет, my dear friends!

Feeding birds in cities and parks has become commonplace. There are many supporters and opponents, as always. But there are opposing views even among those who feed. Some believe that everything can be given to the birds: bad, good, rotten, not ripe, soured, dried, moldy. Birds have natural wisdom and protective instincts - that which is harmful, they will not peck.
And mold on bread is an antibiotic that helps birds fight diseases, that is, it is useful to give bread with mold. Another part of those who feed the birds, claims that with hunger (or foolishly) birds peck everything, even harmful, and then die hundreds in our yards.
I do not know where the truth is here, but in the winter I give the birds the most innocent: pieces of dried white bread, not fried, not salty seeds and millet. Many ornithologists and zoologists say that moldy bread is harmful for birds, so I don’t give it (if I happen to have such a slice). But very often I see pigeons jostling around these blue-green placers and pecking something.

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We had an interesting experience with ducks in a stream the other day - they would eat normal, regular bread, but not the one that was fried in butter (from a restaurant). They refused pizza as well (we do not normally bring pizza on purpose - there was just that one little unfinished slice left). So they did pick what was better for them. Seagulls, on the other hand, swallow everything...

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