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Чирик-привет, my dear friends!

It was in the twentieth of May. A crow was sitting on the fence in our yard. Common hooded crow. Strange was that she did not fly away when we passed nearby. We returned. The hooded crow continued to sit and look around. And somehow uncertainly pulled wings. Did she damage the wing?
Suddenly, my daughter noticed that two large hooded crows were circling above our heads and shouting. So this is a chick and his parents!!! But he is too big for this time of year!
I moved away and took out a camera with a telephoto lens. The hooded crows sat on a tree and strictly watched my actions. And the crows-kid was cleaning the feathers and looking around.
Later, I read on Wikipedia that hooded crows learn to fly much later. In late May, they just have to hatch from eggs. Apparently, this little hooded crow was born during a strong and unexpected warming in April.
On a walk in the woods last weekend, I saw some dead bald chicks. They may have been thrown from the nest of the cuckoo. Here they would be of normal age, and the crows-kid is too large.

Good luck to you in our world, little hooded crow!

На русском языке этот пост читайте в моём русскоязычном блоге.


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Поосторожнее с воронами! Они очень злопамятные.
В меня они ветками кидались в лесу :)

Спасибо за предостережение!
Эти тоже в меня пытались :-) Одна прямо над головой с остервенением пыталась перебить клювом ветку :-))

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