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Чирик-привет, my dear friends!
Today I will tell you a story about seagulls.

He sat high on a pole, looking at the work done and estimating the scale of future accomplishments. Always striving for leadership and hoping to lead, not being afraid to make choices and take risks, he did not imagine that he would inspire and lead his flock to new lands where no one is waiting for them, calling for them, and not happy to see.
For many centuries, seagulls lived near rivers, lakes, seas. They caught fish, saw off fishermen, nested on rocks or stony shores, laid eggs in stones, raised their little ones. Romanticism and traditionalism.
But everything changes. The world has changed. Changed and seagulls. It became difficult to fish. It is necessary to catch, diving into the water. And this extreme is not for everyone. It is much easier to steal a couple of dozen fish from a fishing vessel. It was. And it became more difficult. It is very difficult to use the coastal territory for personal purposes. Large and small boxes-houses, people, fires, iron gates, called machines, dogs ...
The fish is looking for where the water is deeper, a man - where he lives better, and a seagull - where it is easier to find food and raise chicks. Next to a person in cities, all this is easier. Therefore, many bird flocks moved to the city. And even remained to winter. But with the creation of bird houses more difficult, all the places are not enough. Competition not only with ravens, magpies, jackdaws. It makes no sense to pay attention to the sparrows and tits, and the lazy pigeons, too. Now all the seagulls closely. May already, it's time to breed the offspring, but they did not find a permanent shelter.
So the leader took his flock to the new land. We will search for, enter into trust, pretend to be immigrants, rudely press or win in a fair fight! “We will find our Klondike and Silicon Valley. Our world! All will have a place and food! ”But the scouts loudly denounced:“ There is nothing here! ”,“ A sea of ​​evil dogs ”,“ No or few people ”,“ Feeling of unfit territory ”.

The territory of the gardens abandoned due to the terrible ecology, surrounded by factories, smoking pipes and discharging waste, is carefully purchased by private shelters for homeless animals. Therefore, a dog barking now and then blows up relative silence. But dogs, mostly in enclosures, or on chains in kennels, so they do not pose a danger to gulls. Nearly. But here, who had time, he ate it. Workers are cutting meat, which means it can be stolen. They also throw away some waste and their own garbage, which means that for a small flock there is no difference from ordinary urban garbage dumps. Yes, and to the city on the fly, then just nothing.
Much worse, that the territory has long been successfully mastered by ravens and magpies. And yet there are fewer of them than flown seagulls.
For several days now, gulls have been living in a new place. Passions calmed down. Girlfriends are busy with household chores and small flight walks "so as not to linger." Males like racing airplanes ply over the new house, attracting the cry of the attention of workers and shelters volunteers. But the dogs themselves and do not react.
The leader is sitting on a pole, looking at the work done and estimating the scale of future accomplishments.

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Wonderful gull pictures and an interesting story to go with the photos! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday

Thank you @melinda010100 for stopping by my blog!

Howdy soroka74! THAT is one strong, brave and innovative leader! And a very well told story, well done! Much of nature has had their natural habitat destroyed or messed up by us humans haven't they? They are forced to leave, adopt or die.

Hello @janton!
Alas, it is. Perhaps, in sparsely populated areas, animals feel more comfortable and familiar. And in our densely populated industrial cities, birds and animals must adapt and survive. And yet the birds are approaching people to make it easier to get food. Squirrels also adapted and live right in the city.
And yet it looks somehow unnatural.

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